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Road Running

The Denis Withers National Masters Open Road Relays

All the results plus a link to the photographs can be viewed on the BMAF Blog site at http://britishmastersaf.wordpress.com/

About Tom Morris

I am retired. I am a Life Member of Birchfield Harriers and have been Secretary & Membership Secretary of the Midland Masters AC for 9 years. I enjoy watching road & cross country races, photography and messing about on my PC.


4 thoughts on “The Denis Withers National Masters Open Road Relays

  1. I endorse Tom’s comments and would point out that increasingly future BMAF events will be requiring on line entries.
    These save time, admin costs and postage, which is increasing above inflation.
    I hope that you enjoyed your involvement on Saturday in what was a great occasion for Masters Athletics and will join us again in the future.

    Irene Nicholls Chair MMAC / EAMA

    Posted by Irene Nicholls | May 27, 2011, 12:29 pm
  2. Anyone else feeling a little ripped off by the ever increasing extra fee’s on top of the extra fee’s that we grassroots runners seem to endure for our beloved sport, thought entering on-line was meant to be cheaper ??????????????????????????????????
    Top WBHarriers.

    Posted by Gary Clifton | May 26, 2011, 12:34 pm
    • Gary, I’m sorry you feel this way. What you have to realise is that the online system does have to be paid for in some way, unlike all your MMAC officers and organising committee who are paid nothing! Also, the payment system, in this case PayPal, takes its share. The online system saves a tremendous amount of admin. work, one aspect of this is producing the programme for the event, again this has to be paid for from the entry fees. Believe me, if we had to pay top whack for the park, marquees, open top bus, refreshment stalls etc etc, the entry fee would be 10 times the amount it is.
      The postal entry fees have been the same for years and average out at £2.00 per runner. Where else can you get a race for that price??
      I hope this calms your fears….

      Posted by Tom Morris | May 26, 2011, 1:11 pm
      • Sorry Tom/Irene, this was not meant to be aimed at the relays, but towards profit making, non-runner types, infecting our sport.
        We had yet another great days racing, and hope for many more,

        Posted by Gary Clifton | May 27, 2011, 1:27 pm

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