2014 Relays – Results

  Results from MMAC Open Relays 2014……… Results V1

Approaching final lap

Approaching final lap

Hardworking MMAC Officials

Hardworking MMAC Officials

Storing signs!

Storing signs!












Twelve months ago I exhorted great support for the traditional pre-AGM Relays, particularly as it is a well-received event at an ideal venue. Yes, it WAS unfortunate that this year’s was unavoidably held on a ‘London Marathon Day’ but I am conscious of the degree of infrastructure put in by Tom (Morris) and Phil (Owen), backed by MMAC colleagues and the excellent on the day Officials and Marshals.

The adjustments to the two lap multi-terrain course I think also worked well. Close on 100 runners seemed to enthuse over the 3 or 4 leg races. There were plenty of awards and I received only positive feedback.

The promotions is running at a financial loss but all and sundry involved I’m sure want it to continue. If for 2015 the best date can be found, a 50% increased support might well be surprised by this easily reached venue and help turn it into an even better event.

Stewart Harris – Race Referee



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