How To Join

How To Join

We have 3 categories of membership: –joinUs

  1. Members who belong to a UKA Club
  2. Members who do not belong to a UKA Club and who are NOT competing
  3. Members who do NOT belong to a UKA Club and are competing, these are classed as 1stClaim Members

With the latter, we register the member for competition with England Athletics.

Membership Subscription Rates From the 1st January 2019 –  the annual membership subscription rates will be as follows:- (Note: Applications received on or after the 1st October will have their membership run until the end of the following year i.e. up to 15 months membership)

  • Members of UKA Clubs = £15.00
  • 1stClaim Members & competing (not a UKA Club member) = £30.00, this includes the England Athletics Registration Fee of £15.00 from 1st of April 2018
  • 1stClaim Members NOT competing — £15.00

*There will be a increase of £5.00 on these rates if a member opts to receive the Newsletter (5 editions) through the post. Each Newsletter will be posted onto the website and members on email will be notified when the Newsletter is published.

Summary Table

Annual Subscriptions Joining Fee
Member of a UKA Club & Non-Competing 1st Claim Members 1st Claim Members (not in a UKA Club) includes England Athletics Registration Fee currently £15.00
Postal Newsletter Online (Email) Newsletter Postal Newsletter Online (Email) Newsletter
£20.00 £15.00 £35.00 £30.00 £0.00

 To apply for membership online please follow the instructions below.

(If you prefer to apply by post, please contact the membership secretary via grahamhlamb@gmail.com or call him on 07790 495115

(1) Go to http://bmaf.org

(2)  click on MEMBERS/GUESTS at top right of the menu bar then ‘check your access’ button

(3) Enter your personal details (name / date of birth / gender / email address / club – MMAC / Club number – your number will be # to be assigned )

(4) You will be sent an acknowledgement email with a link to set up your own password.

(5) You can then login to OpenTrack using your email address and the new password in order to enter all the required information about yourself.

(6) It is important to complete all the sections including your interests and your Open Club data including EA Number.

(8) You will need to scan to me (Graham Lamb – MMAC Memberships Secretary grahamhlamb@gmail.com) a copy of your Passport to verify your date of birth and nationality.

(9) Once all your information has been received and your subscription paid I can confirm your membership and you will be able to compete in MMAC and BMAF events

Registration is taken that the terms below are accepted by the applicant

“I agree to abide by the rules of the Club that may be in force from this day henceforth. I am an Amateur as defined by the rules of the governing body. I agree to my details being kept on computer by Midland Masters AC (MMAC); British Masters Athletic Federation (BMAF) and England Athletics (EA) to allow information to be sent to my home address. I agree also to allow verification by these bodies of my eligibility to compete in masters’ events”.

NOTE: We cannot accept membership until Date and place of Birth has been validated by an Official of MMAC.

If you wish to change your 1st Claim Club to MMAC you will need a transfer form

This can now be done on line

Change of club – new online process available

From 11 January 2017 registered athletes moving their first claim membership between England Athletics affiliated clubs must perform this through the online process.  

We cannot pay your registration fee if you haven’t left your previous club officially by this process or you left over a number of years ago.

If you are not a member of England Athletics please contact Graham Lamb as we may need to agree with you if we pay 2018/19 and 2019/20s fee.


5 thoughts on “How To Join

  1. I am considering resigning from my first claim club and if I do I would want to change my membership to include UKA, I assume I would need a transfer form?

    Posted by Catherine Wright | April 15, 2016, 3:23 pm
  2. I have not renewed my membership with my running club.Do I have to resign from the club before I can join the midland masters?

    Posted by Andy Cutting | April 4, 2016, 10:20 pm

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