Track & Field 2014

Midland Masters AC Track & Field Championships 2014, Nuneaton

Many thanks to all the competitors and officials and Stadium Staff who made yesterday’s event such an enjoyable one. Congratulations to all medal winners and commiserations to those who did not quite make it. Anyone with suitable photographs on the day then please email me at mmac.sec@blueyonder.co.uk and I will create a gallery on this page.


Results 2014 – Championship Best Performances

There were 23 Championship Best Performances achieved this year. Congratulations to all.

Event Age Group Name UKA Club/Masters Club (Guests) Time/Dist.
100m Hurdles M50 Greg Dunson Shaftsbury Barnet Harriers 14.6
80m Hurdles W55 Jane Horder Cheltenham & Co. Harriers 13.0
300m Hurdles M65 Tony Wells Corby AC 51.8
  W55 Jane Horder Cheltenham & Co. Harriers 50.0
100m W45 Fiona Palmer Notts AC 13.5
  M60 Christopher Monk Leicester Coritanian 12.8
800m W65 Angela Copson Rugby & Northampton AC 2-49.7
1500m W70 June Johnson Leamington C & AC 7-14.4
5000m W70 June Johnson Leamington C & AC 25-08.9
High Jump M50 Greg Dunson Shaftsbury Barnet Harriers 1.66
Triple Jump M75 Tony Crocker Kidderminster & Stourport AC 7.95
  W35 Emma Jayne Nuneaton Harriers AC 8.67
  W50 Joanne Willoughby Gloucester AC 9.49
  W70 Iris Holder (G) WMAA 6.73
Long Jump M35 Ioan Hughes (G) WMAA 6.28
Pole Vault M70 John Bradley Telford AC 2.70
Javelin M55 Kevin Murch Rugby & Northampton AC 53.73
  W70 Carol Rafferty MMAC 15.75
Discus W40 Carol Parker Coventry Godiva Harriers 38.15
Hammer W35 Lynette McKeown Kidderminster & Stourport AC 34.76
  W50 Marion Loveridge Gloucester AC 40.50
  W55 Deborah Murch Rugby & Northampton AC 35.09
  W65 Vivienne Kirkland Nuneaton Harriers AC 21.06

The following link will take you to the results (subject to scrutiny), if anyone has any queries/amendments then please let us know but bear with us as the results team are having a well deserved rest…… T&F 2014 Results V4

SUNDAY 8th JUNE 2014 – First Field Event 10.00am: First Track Event 11.00am

(Note that the local carnival procession takes place at 1.00pm – Please arrive early)

We do accept entries from non MMAC members but you must be a member of another regional masters club, in other words, affiliated to the BMAF.

Final Timetable (subject to minor changes, please check on the day)… Final Timetable V1

Medals Standards to be used are… Medal Standards Updated 2012

List of Entries

Event Name Age Category First Name Last Name
100m M35 Andrew Flint
100m M40* Richard Henry
100m M35 Russell Hingley
100m M40 Stephen Terry-Short
100m M40 James Tipper
100m M45 Eli Barnett
100m M45 Christopher Georgiou
100m M45 Christopher Holliday
100m M45 Raphael Smith
100m M50 Mark McAleenan
100m M50 Andrew Priest
100m M50 John Statham
100m M50 Clive Trusson
100m M50 Paul Ttereve
100m M55 Dominic Browne
100m M55 Cecil Moven
100m M60 Christopher Monk
100m M65 Paul Anthony
100m M65 Tony Wells
100m M65 Peter Wright
100m M70 John Rees
100m M75 Tony Crocker
100m M75 John Evans
100m M80 Alan Mellett
100m W35 Joanne Cooper
100m W35 Catherine Goulder-Davies
100m W35 Paula Owen
100m W40 Sarah Holford
100m W40 Deborah Ricci
100m W40 Michelle Thomas
100m W40 Katy Williams
100m W45 Fiona Palmer
100m W45 Christine Taylor
100m W50 Melanie Garland
100m W50 Julie Hicken
100m W50 Judy Johnson
100m W50 Lesley Willis
100m W55 Pauline Gerner
100m W55 Elaine Restorick
100m W60 Sally Hine
100m W60 Cathy Lyon-Green
100m W65 Vivienne Kirkland
100m W65 Gillian Millicheap
100m W70 Iris Holder
100m W70 Mollie Mills
100m W75 Dorothy Fraser
100m Hurdles M50 Greg Dunson
100m Hurdles M60 Ian Willoughby
100m Hurdles M65 Tony Wells
1500m M40 Paul Lester
1500m M45 Terrence Fowler
1500m M45 Ian Gower
1500m M45 John Knibb
1500m M45 Andy Peet
1500m M45 Calvin Scoltock
1500m M50 Robert Fox
1500m M50 Russell Parkin
1500m M55 David Daniels
1500m M55 David Gill
1500m M55 Martin Ludford
1500m M60 Richard Brown
1500m M60 Michael Elwell
1500m M60 David Oxland
1500m M65 Anthony Michael Edwards
1500m M65 Adrian Lloyd
1500m M70 Philip Brennan
1500m M70 Andrew Johnson
1500m M70 John Oldfield
1500m M70 Barry Swindells
1500m M75 David Carney
1500m W35 Claire Smith
1500m W40 Sarah Holford
1500m W40 Steph Spencer
1500m W45 Clare Jolliffe
1500m W45 Jacqueline Kind
1500m W45 Wendy Morant
1500m W45 Sharon Orridge
1500m W50 Maureen Mccarthy
1500m W50 Jayne Mumford
1500m W55 Karen Brooks
1500m W60 Ursula Elwell
1500m W65 Patricia Gallagher
1500m W70 June Johnson
200m M35 Andrew Flint
200m M40 Richard Henry
200m M40 Stephen Terry-Short
200m M40 James Tipper
200m M45 Eli Barnett
200m M45 Richard Bowers
200m M45 Christopher Georgiou
200m M45 Christopher Holliday
200m M45 Raphael Smith
200m M50 Mark McAleenan
200m M50 Andrew Priest
200m M50 John Statham
200m M50 Clive Trusson
200m M50 Paul Ttereve
200m M55 Dominic Browne
200m M55 Cecil Moven
200m M60 Christopher Monk
200m M65 Paul Anthony
200m M65 Bruce Hendrie
200m M65 Tony Wells
200m M70 John Rees
200m M75 David Carney
200m M80 Alan Mellett
200m W35 Catherine Goulder-Davies
200m W35 Anna Little
200m W40 Sarah Holford
200m W40 Deborah Ricci
200m W40 Michelle Thomas
200m W40 Katy Williams
200m W45 Fiona Palmer
200m W45 Christine Taylor
200m W50 Melanie Garland
200m W50 Julie Hicken
200m W50 Judy Johnson
200m W50 Lesley Willis
200m W55 Jane Horder
200m W55 Elaine Restorick
200m W60 Sally Hine
200m W60 Cathy Lyon-Green
200m W65 Gillian Millicheap
200m W70 Iris Holder
200m W70 Mollie Mills
200m W75 Dorothy Fraser
300m Hurdles M60 Ian Willoughby
300m Hurdles M65 Tony Wells
300m Hurdles W50 Susan Frisby
300m Hurdles W50 Julie Rogers
300m Hurdles W55 Jane Horder
300m Hurdles W60 Sally Hine
300m Hurdles W60 Caroline Marler
400m M40 Stephen Terry-Short
400m M45 Richard Bowers
400m M45 Terrence Fowler
400m M45 Christopher Holliday
400m M45 Calvin Scoltock
400m M45 Mark Wise
400m M50 Jon Hutchinson
400m M50 Clive Trusson
400m M50 Paul Ttereve
400m M55 Tony Foster
400m M55 David Gill
400m M65 Paul Anthony
400m M65 Bruce Hendrie
400m M65 Tony Wells
400m M75 David Carney
400m M80 Alan Mellett
400m W35 Carolyn Dyall
400m W40 Sarah Holford
400m W40 Emma Hollinshead
400m W45 Sarah Everitt
400m W45 Jacqueline Kind
400m W45 Susan Kneill-Boxley
400m W45 Fiona Palmer
400m W50 Julie Hicken
400m W50 Lesley Willis
400m W60 Nancy Hitchmough
400m W60 Caroline Marler
400m W65 Patricia Gallagher
400m Hurdles M50 Richard White
400m Hurdles W35 Paula Owen
5000m M35 Orlando Corea
5000m M35 Mark Couldwell
5000m M35 Robert Keal
5000m M35 Andrew Robinson
5000m M40 Andrew Gore
5000m M40 Dean Parker
5000m M40 Gordon Smith
5000m M45 Gordon Lee
5000m M45 Andy Peet
5000m M50 Andrew Dippie
5000m M55 Howard Andersen
5000m M55 David Gill
5000m M55 Martin Wilkinson
5000m M60 Michael Elwell
5000m M60 Paul Hunt
5000m M60 Desmond Martin
5000m M60 David Proffitt
5000m M65 Adrian Lloyd
5000m M70 Philip Brennan
5000m M70 Andrew Johnson
5000m M70 John Oldfield
5000m W35 Catherine Charlton
5000m W35 Eleanor Fowler
5000m W40 Steph Spencer
5000m W45 Sharon Orridge
5000m W60 Christine Kilkenny
5000m W70 June Johnson
5km Track Walk M65 Roger Michell
5km Track Walk M80 Eric Horwill
5km Track Walk W35 Carolyn Dyall
5km Track Walk W45 Julie Bellfield
5km Track Walk W45 Lynn Bellfield
5km Track Walk W55 Linda Farrow
800m M35 Simon Cooper
800m M35 David Locker
800m M45 Terrence Fowler
800m M45 Ian Gower
800m M45 John Knibb
800m M45 Calvin Scoltock
800m M50 Robert Fox
800m M50 Russell Parkin
800m M55 David Daniels
800m M55 Tony Foster
800m M55 David Gill
800m M60 Michael Elwell
800m M60 David Oxland
800m M65 Anthony Michael Edwards
800m M65 Bruce Hendrie
800m M70 John Oldfield
800m M70 Barry Swindells
800m M75 David Carney
800m W35 Carolyn Dyall
800m W35 Claire Smith
800m W40 Sarah Holford
800m W40 Emma Hollinshead
800m W45 Sarah Everitt
800m W45 Jacqueline Kind
800m W45 Susan Kneill-Boxley
800m W50 Maureen Mccarthy
800m W55 Karen Brooks
800m W60 Ursula Elwell
800m W60 Nancy Hitchmough
800m W60 Caroline Marler
800m W65 Angela Copson
800m W65 Patricia Gallagher
80m Hurdles W50 Julie Rogers
80m Hurdles W55 Jane Horder
80m Hurdles W60 Sally Hine
Discus Throw M45 Perriss Wilkins
Discus Throw M55 Peter Coote
Discus Throw M55 John Moreland
Discus Throw M55 Kevin Murch
Discus Throw M55 Steve Woolley
Discus Throw M60 Stephen Carr
Discus Throw M60 Bill Renshaw
Discus Throw M60 David Russell
Discus Throw M60 Bunt Scott
Discus Throw M60 Surjit Singh
Discus Throw M65 Mike Bourcier-Mayo
Discus Throw M70 Ian Bowles
Discus Throw M70 David Kuester
Discus Throw M70 Philip Owen
Discus Throw M70 David Peart
Discus Throw M70 John Rees
Discus Throw M75 John Love
Discus Throw M80 Eric Horwill
Discus Throw M80 Graham Roberts
Discus Throw W35 Claire Lacey
Discus Throw W35 Lynette McKeown
Discus Throw W40 Carol Parker
Discus Throw W50 Jennifer Cooper
Discus Throw W50 Melanie Garland
Discus Throw W55 Deborah Murch
Hammer Throw M45 John Pearson
Hammer Throw M50 Martin Roberts
Hammer Throw M55 John Moreland
Hammer Throw M55 Kevin Murch
Hammer Throw M55 Steve Woolley
Hammer Throw M60 Stephen Carr
Hammer Throw M60 Bill Renshaw
Hammer Throw M60 David Russell
Hammer Throw M60 Bunt Scott
Hammer Throw M65 Mike Bourcier-Mayo
Hammer Throw M70 Ian Bowles
Hammer Throw M70 David Kuester
Hammer Throw M70 David Peart
Hammer Throw M75 John Love
Hammer Throw M80 Graham Roberts
Hammer Throw W35 Nicola Long
Hammer Throw W35 Lynette McKeown
Hammer Throw W40 Carol Parker
Hammer Throw W45 Lorna Barlow
Hammer Throw W50 Marion Loveridge
Hammer Throw W50 Jacqueline Porter
Hammer Throw W55 Deborah Murch
Hammer Throw W65 Vivienne Kirkland
Hammer Throw W75 Dorothy Fraser
High Jump M40 Donovan Davenport
High Jump M50 Greg Dunson
High Jump M55 Paul Askew
High Jump M60 Rashpal Singh
High Jump M70 Ian Bowles
High Jump M70 Collin Green
High Jump M70 John Rees
High Jump M75 Tony Crocker
High Jump W35 Nicola Long
High Jump W50 Susan Frisby
High Jump W50 Melanie Garland
Javelin Throw M55 Peter Coote
Javelin Throw M55 Kevin Murch
Javelin Throw M55 Steve Woolley
Javelin Throw M60 Bill Renshaw
Javelin Throw M65 Mike Bourcier-Mayo
Javelin Throw M70 Ian Bowles
Javelin Throw M70 David Kuester
Javelin Throw M70 Philip Owen
Javelin Throw M70 David Price
Javelin Throw M75 John Love
Javelin Throw W35 Claire Lacey
Javelin Throw W40 Karen Addis
Javelin Throw W50 Julie Rogers
Javelin Throw W55 Deborah Murch
Javelin Throw W70 Betty Keepax
Javelin Throw W70 Carol Rafferty
Long Jump M35 Ioan Hughes
Long Jump M40 Donovan Davenport
Long Jump M50 Julien Gittens
Long Jump M55 Albert Earle
Long Jump M60 Rashpal Singh
Long Jump M70 Collin Green
Long Jump M75 Tony Crocker
Long Jump M75 John Evans
Long Jump W35 Emma Jayne
Long Jump W50 Melanie Garland
Long Jump W50 Lesley Willis
Long Jump W50 Joanne Willoughby
Long Jump W55 Pauline Gerner
Long Jump W55 Elaine Restorick
Long Jump W60 Sally Hine
Long Jump W60 Cathy Lyon-Green
Long Jump W65 Vivienne Kirkland
Long Jump W70 Iris Holder
Pole Vault M45 Derek Hateley
Pole Vault M70 John Bradley
Shot Put M40 Will Suart
Shot Put M50 Greg Dunson
Shot Put M50 John Statham
Shot Put M55 Peter Coote
Shot Put M55 John Moreland
Shot Put M55 Kevin Murch
Shot Put M55 Steve Woolley
Shot Put M60 Bill Renshaw
Shot Put M60 David Russell
Shot Put M60 Bunt Scott
Shot Put M60 Surjit Singh
Shot Put M65 Mike Bourcier-Mayo
Shot Put M70 Ian Bowles
Shot Put M70 David Kuester
Shot Put M70 David Peart
Shot Put M70 John Rees
Shot Put M75 John Love
Shot Put M80 Graham Roberts
Shot Put W35 Emma Jayne
Shot Put W35 Claire Lacey
Shot Put W35 Nicola Long
Shot Put W35 Lynette McKeown
Shot Put W40 Carol Parker
Shot Put W45 Lorna Barlow
Shot Put W50 Melanie Garland
Shot Put W50 Lesley Willis
Shot Put W55 Deborah Murch
Shot Put W65 Vivienne Kirkland
Shot Put W70 Betty Keepax
Shot Put W70 Carol Rafferty
Shot Put W75 Dorothy Fraser
Triple Jump M40 Donovan Davenport
Triple Jump M50 Julien Gittens
Triple Jump M55 Albert Earle
Triple Jump M70 Collin Green
Triple Jump M75 Tony Crocker
Triple Jump M75 John Evans
Triple Jump W35 Emma Jayne
Triple Jump W50 Melanie Garland
Triple Jump W50 Joanne Willoughby
Triple Jump W60 Cathy Lyon-Green
Triple Jump W70 Iris Holder




ENTRY DETAILS (Enter at http://areg247.co.uk )



Medals – Championship medals will be awarded in each 5-year age group to the first three MMAC Members provided they reach the required standard for the event.

Guests will also be awarded medals provided they finish in the first 3 and the medal standards are achieved.


100, 200, 400, 800, 1500, 5K, 5K Walk, Sprint Hurdles, 400H (Men 35/59 Women 35/49), 300H (Men over 60 Women over 50),  Hammer, Shot, Discus, Javelin, High Jump, Long Jump, Triple Jump, Pole Vault.

(Please note that the Steeplechase event has had to be removed owing to lack of entries and technical reasons…… Tom Morris 10/05/2014)


The Pentathlon will be held on 8th June 2014 within the BMAF Championships at Tilsley Park, Oxford.

The Decathlon/Heptathlon & 10k Track Run & Walks will be held on 20th/21st September 2014 at the Alexander Stadium, Perry Barr, Birmingham within the BMAF Championships.

All entries via the BMAF online entry at http://www.bmaf.org.uk


Fees:                           £8.00 – 1st EVENT        £3.00 EACH SUBSEQUENT EVENT

(Includes 50 pence to cover First Aid Attendance)



Entries at http://areg247.co.uk



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