Cross Country 2015

Once again we were blessed with the weather for this years Championships and we thank Colin Thompson and his team from Wolverhampton & Bilston AC for all their help in putting this event on. We are truly grateful.

Entries were slightly up on last year but there is always room for improvement. We do need more support entry wise to a) make this a true Club Championship and b) to make the effort involved; course layout; marshals; officials etc all worthwhile.

Thanks to all the runners making this event successful and to the Officials who turned out. Special thanks from me to Phil Owen for stepping into the breach to look after the officials and to Stewart Harris for acting as Race Referee and for making the race run smoothly.

Excellent photographs by our official photographer for the day, Brian Smith, can be viewed on West Midlands Running Scene Flickr page at http://tinyurl.com/oseuqko

A selection of Brian’s images appear in our Gallery below the results

Photographs from Lou Satterthwaite can be viewed at http://tinyurl.com/lxcb5xl

Referees Comments to MMAC (Extract transcription from letter received from Stewart Harris 20/01/2015)
“I know the presentations went off well, as I was still sorting the car out, as some winners were departing.

Wolverhampton & Bilston AC did you proud. . They provided an amended course which worked out well and makes the most of the terrain close to Aldersley Leisure Village. They also provided Marshals and Officials aplenty and certainly are deserving of MMAC’s gratitude. At least the Parking issue is a legacy of the wide/great use of the facility.

Thank you for your input and Phil Owen provided plenty of Officials who all did a good job. Indeed, I was keen to ensure everyone felt they had a role and to me the event was incident free and well received.

The participant numbers were very close to last year – you deserve double! But those there were very appreciative.

Fortunately the weather was very good for a very pleasant event”.



Report on the days proceedings from Dave Norman, Dudley Kingswinford RC

You know it’s a Masters event when you overhear someone say “I can’t see the number, I haven’t got my glasses”, although the eyesight may be failing and the hearing is a little unreliable there’s certainly nothing wrong with the legs and the lungs of the older generation based on this showing. With all runners over a certain age, the certain age being 35, you’d expect the quality to be a little lower, the pace to be a little slower but if you were expecting something a little less competitive than the usual bread and butter of the cross country league you would be surprised by the quality on show. Standing together in the reception at Wolverhampton & Bilston’s Aldersley Stadium the first thing that stood out as the lean look of everyone around you, the weathered appearance and that steely glint in the eye as they considered the opposition. If you could imagine Lee Van Cleef in a Coventry Godiva vest, or a Tipton hoody and a woolly hat knitted by his wife then you get the idea.

With age the first qualifier and the second being that entry is only open to those registered with the Midlands Masters, the wheat is sorted from the chaff and you are left with a top class field of old men and women. The proper, old fashioned grizzled gun slingers with one eye on the opposition to see who turned up and who might have moved into a different age category this year, and the other eye on the clock as it ticked towards an 11.30 start time. There may have been less than a hundred lined up but the later start time at least meant the temperature had risen slightly and we were left with a beautiful winter morning. The grass crunching underfoot, the faint traces of ice in shady patches and the sun shining brightly in a sky the colour of a blackbird’s egg as runners zig zagged across the field performing elaborate warm up routines surrounded by the heady whiff of Ralgex. It takes the old bones at little longer to get going.

As the field lined up at the second of two sawdust lines there was a brief word, a moment of reflection for the passing of Ken Evans, the recently departed former Wolves & Bilston Secretary, this time last year it was Any Holden, and we were off. A mad gallop downhill towards the first turn, the runners charging away at the front like Werther’s Originals were on offer, before a left turn and left again following the perimeter of the start/finish field before the women and older, over 65, men peeled off for their own separate, shorter 6k race. The younger of the old men were round again before splashing through an icy puddle, struggling through mud before finding a rock hard icy patch, more mud, more twists and turns and round again. On paper the course looked relatively easy, no significant hills, just a few twists and turns between hedgerows but the combination of the little inclines here and there, gradual gradients of no significant height but some considerable length and the stamina sapping terrain made it tough. Coupled with the high quality field meant you were always trying to go half a yard quicker than was comfortable just to hold a position for fear of coming last.

It should have been easy, a sprint of only 8k on paper but in reality a fraction less, but it was brutally hard, the thought of going round again enough to make you go pale, but the leaders seemed to make short work of this one. Mark Couldwell of Charnwood taking first place overall in 24.44 from Scott Hazell of Coventry Godiva in 24.55 but still taking his age group, and Stuart Hawkes of Amazing Feet RC in 3rd in 24.14. In the women’s race Kerry Marchant of Staffs Moorlands took 1st place in 23.12 for their 6k race from Claire Smith of Charnwood in 23.25 and W&B’s Audrey Wilson in 3rd place in 23.31. There were individual prizes in 5 year age groups and team prizes for every team years, with Coventry, Charnwood, Dudley Kingswinford, Wolves & Bilston, Tipton Long Eaton and Cannock & Staffs all taking team medals, meaning the results were rather convoluted and the prize giving long and extensive.

Due to the quality there were no easy medals in this event – unless you were over 75 and had outlived your competition – but it’s depressing that you can’t catch runners in their 50’s and 60’s and can only hang on for as long as you can as they skip away from you. They may not be as good as they used to be but don’t get taken in by the excuses, if they’ve seen better days their better days must have been bloody good.



Click here for a printable PDF version ………..Results 2015

Held at Aldersley Stadium, Wolverhampton  Sunday 18/01/2015 
RESULTS WOMEN and MEN 65 +   6km
Posn. Time Age Age Posn. Team
1 23.12 Marchant Kerry Staffordshire Moorlands AC W40 1
2 23.25 Smith Claire Charnwood AC W35 1
3 23.31 Wilson Audrey Wolverhampton & Bilston AC W35 W40 2 2 W35
4 23.44 Caddick Julie Tipton Harriers W35 W35 2 1 W35
5 24.26 Charlton Catherine Notts AC W35 3
6 24.28 Jolliffe Clare Bristol & West AC W45 1
7 24.46 Walker Sally Tipton Harriers W35 W40 3 1 W35
8 24.51 Greenway Tracey Derby AC W50 1
9 24.54 Cambridge Lucy Wolverhampton & Bilston AC W35 W40 4 2 W35
10 25.10 Brister Simon Matlock AC M65 1
11 25.12 Pidgeon Jane Notts AC W50 2
12 25.26 Aston Geoffrey Worcester AC M65 M65 2
13 25.27 Barber Penelope Tipton Harriers W35 W55 1 1 W35
14 25.35 Everitt Sarah Bristol & West AC W45 2
15 25.40 Herington Steve Hereford Couriers RC M65 3
16 25.46 Halford Jacqueline Wolverhampton & Bilston AC W35 W50 4 2 W35
17 25.49 Pettifer David Kenilworth Runners M65 4
18 26.17 Wells Lisa Coventry Godiva Harriers W45 3
19 26.50 Copson Angela Rugby & Northampton AC W65 1
20 27.02 Kilkenny Christine Cannock & Stafford AC W45 W60 1 1 W45
21 27.17 Allen Paul Halesowen A & CC M65 5
22 27.31 Lambert Harold Kidderminster & Stourport AC M65 6
23 27.36 Williams Catherine Rugby & Northampton AC W55 2
24 27.38 Robson Jacqueline Clowne RRC W45 4
25 27.52 Hibbitt David Worcester AC M65 M65 7
26 27.54 Edwards Anthony Sparkhill Harriers M65 8
27 28.25 Kneill-Boxley Susan Cannock & Stafford AC W45 W45 5 1 W45
28 28.29 Marconi-Wrigley Loretta Newcastle AC (Staffs) W55 3
29 30.14 Lloyd Adrian Centurion RC M65 9
30 31.01 Hackett Joanne Staffordshire Moorlands AC W45 6
31 31.22 Fellows Dorothy Cannock & Stafford AC W45 W70 1 1 W45
32 31.34 Wynds Jacqueline Forest of Dean AC W60 2
33 32.04 Smallman Hazel Wolverhampton & Bilston AC W35 W50 5
34 36.34 Pymm Lesley Bournville Harriers W60 3
35 38.36 Butler John Stratford-upon-Avon AC M70 1
36 42.06 Elwell Ursula MMAC W60 4
37 52.13 Green Leslie Cannock & Stafford AC M75 1
W35           1st    Tipton Harriers             73.57                   2nd       Wolverhampton & Bilston           74.11
W45           1st    Cannock & Staffs          86.49
Held at Aldersley Stadium, Wolverhampton  Sunday 18/01/2015 
RESULTS  MEN 35 – 64    8km
Posn. Time         Age Posn. Team
1 24.44 Couldwell Mark Charnwood AC M35 M40 1 2 M35
2 24.55 Hazell Scott Coventry Godiva Harriers M35 M35 1 1 M35
3 25.14 Hawkes Stuart Amazing Feet RC M35 2
4 25.15 Smith David Wolverhampton & Bilston AC M45 M45 1 1 M45
5 25.43 Clamp Philip Tipton Harriers M35 M40 2
6 25.56 Turner Marc Halesowen A & CC M40 3
7 26.46 Smith Gordon Burton AC M40 4
8 26.48 Morley Michael Birchfield Harriers M50 1
9 27.00 Curtis Christopher Corby AC M35 3
10 27.03 Sheen Rob Leicester Coritanian AC M50 2
11 27.04 Jones Iwan Coventry Godiva Harriers M35 M40 5 1 M35
12 27.05 Stewart Mark Coventry Godiva Harriers M45 M50 3 2 M45
13 27.07 Kingsbury Michael Charnwood AC M35 M45 2 2 M35
14 27.39 Hill Dean Tipton Harriers M35 M40 6
15 28.03 Hope Robin Staffordshire Moorlands AC M45 3
16 28.19 Robinson Steve MMAC M55 M55 1
17 28.20 Rogers Paul Tipton Harriers M45 M45 4 3 M45
18 28.31 Oxland David Notts AC M60 1
19 28.36 Brotherhood Jason Coventry Godiva Harriers M35 M35 4 1 M35
20 28.44 Ludford Martin Birmingham RA & T C M55 2
21 28.57 Brunt Martyn Coventry Godiva Harriers M45 M45 5 2 M45
22 29.06 Edwards Darren Wolverhampton & Bilston AC M45 M45 6 1 M45
23 29.11 Fox Robert Long Eaton RC M55 M55 3 1 M55
24 29.21 Daniels David Cobra R & T C M55 4
25 29.29 Peters Michael Coventry Godiva Harriers M45 M50 4 2 M45
26 29.39 Calrow Simon Wolverhampton & Bilston AC M45 M55 5 1 M45
27 29.51 Devlin Joseph Coventry Godiva Harriers M55 M55 6 2 M55
28 29.57 Wright James Dudley Kingswinford RC M35 M35 5 3 M35
29 29.59 Parkin Andrew Heanor RC M40 7
30 30.08 Stanier Ray Tipton Harriers M45 M55 7 3 M45
31 30.22 Bonner Gary Dudley Kingswinford RC M35 M50 5 3 M35
32 30.33 Pincher Ian Wolverhampton & Bilston AC M45 M45 7
33 30.47 Makin Martin Charnwood AC M35 M40 8 2 M35
34 30.49 Wilkinson Richard Long Eaton RC M55 M55 8 1 M55
35 31.09 Norman David Dudley Kingswinford RC M35 M40 9 3 M35
36 31.12 Maplethorpe Alan Long Eaton RC M55 M55 9 1 M55
37 31.16 Spittle Lionel Wolverhampton & Bilston AC M45 M60 2
38 31.18 Gower Ian Coventry Godiva Harriers M45 M50 6
39 31.38 Mills Bryan Tipton Harriers M45 M45 8 3 M45
40 31.49 Yates Andrew MMAC M45 M50 7
41 32.22 Mensley Peter Charnwood AC M35 M60 3 2 M35
42 32.23 Clarke Simon Coventry Godiva Harriers M35 M40 10 1 M35
43 32.45 Andersen Howard Coventry Godiva Harriers M55 M55 10 2 M55
44 33.21 Grice Alan Tipton Harriers M45 M60 4
45 33.27 Wildgoose Graham Dudley Kingswinford RC M35 M45 9 3 M35
46 35.05 Banks Peter Coventry Godiva Harriers M55 M60 5 2 M55
47 36.14 Andrews John Dudley Kingswinford RC M35 M40 11
48 43.13 Worthington Brian Birchfield Harriers M55 11
M35           1st    Coventry Godiva    112.57               2nd    Charnwood    115.00                 3rd     Dudley & Kingswinford    124.55
M45           1st    Wolverhampton & Bilston  84.00   2nd    Coventry Godiva    85.31           3rd     Tipton H     90.06
M55           1st    Long Eaton    91.12                          2nd    Coventry Godiva    97.41


Full Entry List

BMAF Area Club Number Last Name First Name Age Category First Claim Club
83659 Hawkes Stuart M35 Amazing Feet RC
83595 Curtis Christopher M35 Corby AC
83627 Brotherhood Jason M35 Coventry Godiva Harriers
83682 Hazell Scott M35 Coventry Godiva Harriers
83693 Wright James M35 Dudley Kingswinford RC
83581 Smith Gordon M40 Burton AC
83443 Lester Paul M40 Cannock & Stafford AC
83599 Couldwell Mark M40 Charnwood AC
83690 Makin Martin M40 Charnwood AC
83598 Richardson Dean M40 City of Stoke AC
83639 Clarke Simon M40 Coventry Godiva Harriers
83563 Jones Iwan M40 Coventry Godiva Harriers
83692 Andrews John M40 Dudley Kingswinford RC
83323 Norman David M40 Dudley Kingswinford RC
83296 Turner Marc M40 Halesowen A & CC
83681 Parkin Andrew M40 Heanor RC
83687 Heighway Steven M40 Rugby and Northampton AC
83460 Briggs Gareth M40 Staffordshire Moorlands AC
83322 Clamp Philip M40 Tipton Harriers
83220 Heathcock Laurence M40 Tipton Harriers
83356 Hill Dean M40 Tipton Harriers
83447 McCann Christopher M45 Centurion RC
83667 Kingsbury Michael M45 Charnwood AC
83531 Brunt Martyn M45 Coventry Godiva Harriers
83224 Brittain Richard M45 MMAC
83580 Hope Robin M45 Staffordshire Moorlands AC
83297 Mills Bryan M45 Tipton Harriers
83119 Rogers Paul M45 Tipton Harriers
83407 Edwards Darren M45 Wolverhampton & Bilston AC
83459 Pincher Ian M45 Wolverhampton & Bilston AC
83397 Smith David M45 Wolverhampton & Bilston AC
83179 Morley Michael M50 Birchfield Harriers
83086 Gower Ian M50 Coventry Godiva Harriers
83537 Peters Michael M50 Coventry Godiva Harriers
83098 Slevin Martin M50 Coventry Godiva Harriers
83686 Stewart Mark M50 Coventry Godiva Harriers
83166 Bonner Gary M50 Dudley Kingswinford RC
83170 Duckworth Kevin M50 Dudley Kingswinford RC
83691 Wildgoose Graham M50 Dudley Kingswinford RC
0266 Sheen Rob M50 Leicester Coritanian AC
83633 Yates Andrew M50 MMAC
82997 Riley Darren M50 Sparkhill Harriers
82447 Worthington Brian M55 Birchfield Harriers
82972 Ludford Martin M55 Birmingham Running Athletics & Triathlon Club
83395 Daniels David M55 Cobra Running & Triathlon Club
83446 Andersen Howard M55 Coventry Godiva Harriers
83576 Devlin Joseph M55 Coventry Godiva Harriers
82954 Fox Robert M55 Long Eaton RC
83688 Maplethorpe Alan M55 Long Eaton RC
82808 Wilkinson Richard M55 Long Eaton RC
82600 Robinson Steve M55 MMAC
82797 Wilkinson Martin M55 MMAC
82472 Stanier Ray M55 Tipton Harriers
83542 Calrow Simon M55 Wolverhampton & Bilston AC
83582 Mensley Peter M60 Charnwood AC
81715 Banks Peter M60 Coventry Godiva Harriers
83470 Park Robert M60 Kidderminster & Stourport AC
83287 Elwell Michael M60 MMAC
83150 Oxland David M60 Notts AC
82166 Grice Alan M60 Tipton Harriers
83689 Spittle Lionel M60 Wolverhampton & Bilston AC
83228 Lloyd Adrian M65 Centurion RC
82294 Allen Paul M65 Halesowen A & CC
83141 Herington Steve M65 Hereford Couriers RC
82236 Pettifer David M65 Kenilworth Runners
81631 Lambert Harold M65 Kidderminster & Stourport AC
82594 Brister Simon M65 Matlock AC
81393 Edwards Anthony M65 Sparkhill Harriers
81555 Aston Geoffrey M65 Worcester AC
83068 Hibbitt David M65 Worcester AC
81207 Wilde David M65 Worcester AC
81049 Whitmarsh Guy M70 Croft Ambrey RC
81562 Butler John M70 Stratford-upon-Avon AC
82345 Jones Geoffrey M70 Worcester AC
80792 Green Leslie M75 Cannock & Stafford AC
90855 Smith Claire W35 Charnwood AC
90885 Charlton Catherine W35 Notts AC
90900 Caddick Julie W35 Tipton Harriers
90824 Marchant Kerry W40 Staffordshire Moorlands AC
90882 Walker Sally W40 Tipton Harriers
90878 Cambridge Lucy W40 Wolverhampton & Bilston AC
90842 Wilson Audrey W40 Wolverhampton & Bilston AC
90872 Everitt Sarah W45 Bristol & West AC
90873 Jolliffe Clare W45 Bristol & West AC
90590 Kneill-Boxley Susan W45 Cannock & Stafford AC
90620 Robson Jacqueline W45 Clowne RRC
90898 Wells Lisa W45 Coventry Godiva Harriers
90719 Orridge Sharon W45 Long Eaton RC
90897 Hackett Joanne W45 Staffordshire Moorlands AC
90588 Mumford Jayne W50 Coventry Godiva Harriers
90803 Greenway Tracey W50 Derby AC
90802 Park Lynne W50 Forest of Dean AC
90739 Blower Carol W50 Leamington C & AC
90791 Mather Jackie W50 Long Eaton RC
90530 Pidgeon Jane W50 Notts AC
90901 Halford Jacqueline W50 Wolverhampton & Bilston AC
90903 Smallman Hazel W50 Wolverhampton & Bilston AC
90902 Marconi-Wrigley Loretta W55 Newcastle AC (Staffs)
90442 Williams Catherine W55 Rugby & Northampton AC
90859 Barber Penelope W55 Tipton Harriers
90495 Pymm Lesley W60 Bournville Harriers
90190 Kilkenny Christine W60 Cannock & Stafford AC
90868 Wynds Jacqueline W60 Forest of Dean AC
90188 Elwell Ursula W60 MMAC
90733 Copson Angela W65 Rugby & Northampton AC
90043 Fellows Dorothy W70 Cannock & Stafford AC


Midland Masters AC Cross Country Championships 2015

Our 2015 Cross Country Championships will be held for the third year running at Aldersley Stadium, xc4(Aldersley Leisure Village) Aldersley Road, Wolverhampton WV6 9NW on Sunday, 18th January 2015. Once again our very good friends at Wolverhampton & Bilston AC have agreed to organise the race on our behalf despite their own heavy schedule of races and our thanks go to them for doing so.

To enter please go to http://bmaf.org.uk and click on “Member Login”. This takes you to the Athletes Registration System Home Page. Click on “Login/logout”. Login with your username and password*, click on “Competition Entry”, click on the radio button against MMAC Cross Country Championships, accept the terms and conditions then click on “Choose Competition”. Click the box and enter an approximate 6k or 8k time for your appropriate age, then click on “Submit”. Check that all the information is correct and click “Buy Now” and follow the instructions to pay.

* Members who have not used the online entry system before or have forgotten their login details should contact the Membership Secretary on mmac.sec@blueyonder.co.uk and your username and passwords will be sent to you.

The entry fee is £9.00. Start time 11.30am.

Please pick up your race numbers on the day.

Closing date for entries is strictly midnight on the 10th January 2015.

No entries will be accepted after the closing date or taken on the day. There will be no exceptions.

The usual individual and team awards will be presented dependant on the number of entries and we reserve the right to make amendments.

Teams are as follows:-

All ages on day ….

8k Race: M35-44 (first 4 to count); M45-54; M55-64 (first 3 to count).

6k Race: M65+; W35-44; W45-54: W55+ (first 3 to count)



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