MVT&FL 2010

East Div North Div South Div
May 5th Nuneaton May 5th Telford May 13th Stourport (Hales with Droit)
June 2nd Tamworth June 2nd Stafford June 3rd Redditch (B+R with Spark)
July 7th Leamington July 8th Burton July 7th The Dell
Aug 4th Charnwood Aug 11th R.S.C Aug 5th Worcester
The Cup Final will be held at Rugby on 5th September 2010.

These are the confirmed dates & venues.

Any 1st Claim Member of MMAC who wishes to compete should contact your Team Manager, Tony Crocker on tonycrok@aol.com or 01905381112 as soon as possible.

Members of road running clubs not affiliated for track & field can compete ONLY after filling in a “Other Discipline Form” and being approved by Athletic Services. This should be done NOW, pre-season.

Tom Morris 02/04/2010

Meeting 1: South Division

Apologies for the delay in posting the results of the first meeting, which took place at Stourport on the 13th May 2010. Pressure of work & holidays!!

You can download a PDF of the Male & Female Results plus the overall Match Result by clicking on the following links: –

MVT&FL Male Results 1

MVT&FL Female Results 1

Match 1 Result

Meeting 2: South Division

The second meeting took place at Redditch on the 3th June 2010. As you will see the MMAC men didn’t do quite so well (a depleted team) but finished in 6th place out of 8 Clubs overall after the two meetings. One of those teams consisting of two clubs combined. So I think congratulations should go to them for turning out. Well done guys. Click the links below for full results: –

MVT&FL Male Results 2

MVT&FL Female Results 2

Match 2 overall Result

Next match is on the 7th July 2010 at the Dell, Brierley Hill.

Tom Morris 12/06/2010

Location for The Dell…..

Meeting 3: South Division

Unfortunately the only results I have received for this match are hand written and not suitable for posting. I can report however that the MMAC mem’s team finished in 6th position in the match with a total of 63 points. We had a competitor in the Women’s match for the very first time and my thanks to Jaqueline Porter for turning out. Her 7 points gained put us in 7th place but from little acorns………….!!

Anyone wishing to receive the results as a scanned attachment should email me at the usual address.

Tom 21/07/2010

Tom’s come to the rescue!! I have typed out the handwritten results and they can be downloaded from the links following. I take NO resposibility for any errors, I have done this to enable the results to appear on the official Power of 10 website so that performances will be ranked. This site is worth a look… http://www.thepowerof10.info/

Results Meeting 3 South Division ….

MVT&FL Male Results 3

MVT&FL Female Results 3


Location for Meeting 4 at Worcester….

Further details of the stadium can be found at this link…. http://www.runtrackdir.com/details.asp?track=worcester


I know many of you are looking for the results of Meeting 4 at Worcester!!! I will post them up here as soon as I receive a copy

Tom 10/08/2010


Still no sign of any Worcester results. If anyone can help, please email me at mmac.sec@blueyonder.co.uk

Tom 26/08/2010


I have at long last been sent the results of the final meeting, Match 4, of the league. These can be viewed and downloaded from here…………………………

Men’s Results……………….. MVT&FL Male Results 4

Women’s Results………….. MVT&FL Female Results 4

Final Match Positions…… MVT&FL Final Positions

I will post Cup Final Results as soon as I get them.

Tom Morris 06/09/2010


The Cup Final Results for both the “A” & “B” finals can be downloaded from the links below: –

“B” Final Men’s Results……………….B Cup Final Men Result

“B” Final Women’s Results …………B Cup Final Women Result

“B” Final Positions ……………………..B Cup Final Positions

“A” Final Men’s Results ……………..A Cup Final Men Result

“A” Final Women’s Results ………..A Cup Final Women Result

Gold Cup Final Positions ……………A Cup Final Positions



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