AGM 2012


The AGM took place after our Relays and 22 members were in attendance, somewhat of a record over the last few years and I thank them all for their support and contributions that they made.

We now have a new Treasurer, Martin Wilkinson, who will be ‘finding his feet’ during the next few weeks. Martin has the unenviable task of following our only other Treasurer for nearly 40 years, Colin Simpson. I would ask you all to give him all your help and support in the following months.

We also installed our new President, Adrian Lloyd, who I am confident will make a jolly good one.

A proposal was also passed to increase the annual subscriptions to £14.00 from the 1st January 2013. Our 1st Claim Members will pay the additional EA Registration Fee of £5.00 (£19.00 in total). There will be a reduction of £2.00 for the members who opt-out of receiving a postal Newsletter.

A copy of the minutes are reproduced below. A printable PDF version is available from the following link:-

Minutes AGM 2012 1



MINUTES of the 40th Annual General Meeting held at Donisthorpe Woodland Park, Donisthorpe on Sunday 15 April 2012.

PRESENT 22 members (Mrs Irene Nicholls in the Chair).

APOLOGIES  Apologies were received from K Allen; T Crocker; L Joyce; G Oliver; B Owen.


The Minutes of the 39th Annual General Meeting were approved unanimously as a true record – Proposed:  J Walker, Seconded: K Donald.


There were no matters arising.


Irene Nicholls gave her report (and this will be reproduced in full in the next newsletter).  She recorded the death of friend and Treasurer, Colin Simpson, and paid tribute to the committee members who have contributed in filling the many aspects of the work that he undertook.

She had been acting as Treasurer since Colin’s death and reported a profitable year.  In view of increased costs of postage, BMAF levy etc. it would be necessary to increase the annual MMAC subscription.

Irene proposed that the “February Handicap “should be re-named the “Colin Simpson Memorial Race” and should be re-scheduled to take place each April.  This was agreed unanimously.

She looked forward to the 40th anniversary celebrations being planned for the autumn.


The amended proposal by John Walker, seconded by Tom Morris, that the annual subscription to MMAC should be increased to £14.00 with a discount of £2.00 for members opting to receive their newsletter electronically was agreed with a majority of 21. This will take effect on 1 January 2013. 


Acting Treasurer, Irene Nicholls, circulated copies of the balance sheet and income and expenditure accounts.  It showed a surplus for the year of £158. Balances totalled £22,902. Commenting on the events during the year, the total surplus on the BMAF road relays had been considerably reduced after a large invoice from Birmingham Council was received (unexpectedly) after the accounts had been prepared.

Pam Horwill proposed a vote of thanks to Irene for taking on the Treasurer’s job and this was endorsed by all those present.


Tom Morris circulated his report. It was noted that the bulk of his time is taken up with dealing with membership subscriptions and emails.  Post mail is minimal due to the increasing use of electronic mail It is cheap and easy and helps to keep subscriptions down.  Nearly 79% of members have an email address.  Tom is using the Clubbz site to reach members and finds it successful.  The MMAC blog is being used as the committee decided that the website contract should not be renewed – the address is www.midlandmasterscom.   Membership is currently 693 but subscriptions are still coming in.

The option to pay subscriptions by standing order has resulted in over 50 signing up in a few weeks

Entry fees for events will be increased to cover rising costs in medals etc.  Events organised by MMAC have been very successful and all club members who represented MMAC and BMAF were congratulated.

A social event will be staged in September to commemorate the 40th anniversary (Tamworth AC has been booked).  Tom went on to thank all members of the committee for their support during the year.

Irene Nicholls thanked Tom for all his hard work during the year and this was endorsed by all present.


Cross Country TM reported that events had been very successful

Walks EH reported a very quiet year – no entries had been received for the event due to take place before the AGM.  It was noted that some potential fixtures had clashed with the Olympics.

Midlands are always very involved with national events.

Track & Field Officials are being sought for the MMAC T&F championships at Nuneaton on 10 June.

Track & Field Team Manager Paul Tasker will continue as Manager with the possible assistance of Fiona Meldrum.

40th Anniversary celebration Adrian Lloyd reported that Tamworth Stadium had been booked for 30th September 2012.  Hopefully, there will be athletics in the afternoon, followed by food, music and entertainment to include a firework display in the evening.  It is hoped that as many members as possible will attend with their families.

Pam Horwill proposed a vote of thanks to all the members of the Committee for their hard work during the year.


President Rita Brownlie was pleased to present her award to Derek Johnson in recognition of the sterling work that he has done for the Club.

An appeal will appear in the next newsletter for his replacement.

Rita Brownlie took the Chair for the election of the Chairman.  Irene Nicholls was returned unopposed, unanimously.

Irene then took the Chair and proposed that Adrian Lloyd should be elected President. RB said that she had been very proud to be in office.  She passed the Chain of Office to Adrian who said he felt very honoured to have been invited to be President.

The Chairman then proposed that the following be elected en bloc:

President elect – Marcia Smedley          General and Membership Secretary – Tom Morris

Treasurer – Martin Wilkinson (proposed:  Irene Nicholls; seconded Margaret Simpson.)

Minutes Secretary/newsletter editor – Margaret Simpson   Official Secretary – vacant

Handicapper & Walks Secretary – Eric Horwill   Media Manager – Brian Owen

Track & Field – vacant (presently being organised by a small sub-committee)

Road & CC Secretary – John Walker (proposed: Irene Nicholls; seconded; Tom Morris)

Team Managers: Paul Tasker (T&F)     Mick Smedley – (CC)    MV T & F League: Tony Crocker

Delegates: MCAA – Rita Brownlie; BMAF – Irene Nicholls; EAMA – Irene Nicholls & Tom Morris

Co-opted: Pam Horwill; Marcia Smedley.

DATE OF NEXT MEETING to be in conjunction with the 2013 MM Road Relays.

After the meeting closed, John Walker asked that it be noted that at the Colin Simpson Memorial Handicap meeting, the award was won by Roger Simpson and he felt that this was very appropriate.


Notice is hereby given that the 40th Annual General Meeting of the MMAC will take place on Sunday, 15th April at 1.00pm at Donisthorpe Woodland Park, Church Street, Donisthorpe DE12 7PX.


  1. Apologies
  2. Minutes of AGM 2011
  3. Matters Arising
  4. Chairman’s Report
  5. Presentation of Accounts & Treasurer’s Report
  6. Secretary’s Report
  7. Election of Officers for 2012/13
  8. Fixtures for 2012/13
  9. Date of next meeting

2011 Officers are as follows: –

President:                                                         Rita Brownlie

Vice President:                                                Rita Brownlie

President Elect:                                               Adrian Lloyd

General & Membership Secretary:              Tom Morris

Treasurer:                                                        Colin Simpson

Minutes Secretary:                                         Margaret Simpson

Officials Secretary:                                         Derek Johnson

Media Manager:                                             Brian Owen

Handicapper:                                                   Eric Horwill

Walks Secretary:                                             Eris Horwill

Road & Cross Country Secretary: Vacant

Track & Field Secretary:                                Vacant

Team Managers:                                            Inter-Area T&F – Paul Tasker; Assistant – Phil Owen

International XC – Mick Smedley

Delegates:                                                        MCAA – Rita Brownlie; BMAF – Irene Nicholls;

EAMA – Irene Nicholls & Tom Morris

Co-opted:                                                         Pam Horwill; Marcia Smedley; Adrian Lloyd; Tony Crocker

Motions to be discussed at the AGM must be sent, in writing, to the General Secretary to arrive at least two weeks before the meeting. Members are requested to consider promoting one of our fixtures and to come to the AGM prepared to offer their Club’s facilities for this purpose. Any member who wishes to offer him/herself for any of the above posts is asked to notify the General Secretary before the meeting. New blood will be welcomed by the present officers.

A printable version of the above Notice can be downloaded from here … AGM 2012

Proposal for the AGM

At our February Committee Meeting we discussed the costs of producing our Newsletter 5 times a year. With the spiralling cost of postage and the increase in the cost of medals; putting on events etc. we felt that a change in our subscriptions rates is inevitable. Currently 80% of our membership are on email and 25% of these have opted to read/print our Newsletter form the online version that appears on our website. This opting out has already saved on postage/paper/envelopes over the last couple of years and your committee feels that this should be rewarded by offering a discount in membership subscriptions to those who opt-out of receiving a hard copy of the Newsletter.

(Note: Since the above was written, proposed increases in the BMAF affiliation fees have been announced, which could have an impact on our finances of £400. Your committee has met ‘virtually’ and have agreed to the following amended proposal to be put to our AGM.)

The committee therefore agreed to put forward a proposal to the AGM that from the 1st January 2013 the annual subscription should be increased to £14 per year. For the members who opt-out of receiving the Newsletter through the post, the subscription should be £12.

I must point out that our subscription rates were last increased in 2004, a period of 8 years, and we have the lowest rate of all the area master/veteran clubs.

Report from the Chair 2011

A PDF version can be downloaded here AGM Report from the Chair 2011

My report this year must record with great sadness the death of our friend and Treasurer, Colin Simpson. His departure has left a great hole in our Club and his work over the 40 years of our existence has been legendary.

I must thank everyone who has taken on some part in filling the many aspects of the work that he undertook, especially Tom Morris and Margaret Simpson who have ensured that the Newsletter keeps coming and that event organisation is being covered.

It is at times like these that the strength of an organisation is tested.  We are most fortunate to have a strong and committed Committee who have pulled together, and are moving forward with confidence.

However, there are gaps.  We are indebted to John Walker who has stepped forward to take on the Road & Cross Country Secretary-ship (to be confirmed at the forthcoming AGM), to Martin Wilkinson, our Treasurer elect, and to Adrian Lloyd who has agreed to be our President for 2012 – Marcia Smedley will be in tandem as President elect.  If you think that you would like to join the team and add your support – especially with the organisation of the Track & Field, or as Assistant Treasurer, we should be delighted to hear from you.  We wish Derek Johnson well as he undertakes his higher responsibilities as Leicestershire President, however, we shall lose his services as Officials Secretary – could you be interested?

In his report Tom Morris has provided a most thorough resume of the membership and events that have taken place during the past year so I shall not detail these.  However, the standing of the Club within the British Masters movement continues to grow as we once more proved that we are capable and willing to take on events at national level and make a success, even at short notice.

The promotion of the National Relays and the Inter Area T&F once more fell within the Midlands Area with the attendant pressure upon our resources.  This coming year sees in addition the BM T&F and the Cross Country Relays at Derby when our Officials will be in the front line.  We are the favoured venue for most national events due to our central location, this can be of benefit to our athletes but sanity must prevail and it is important that the head rules the heart in accepting responsibilities.

Our MMAC athletes were, once more, well to the fore in the International Cross Country in Glasgow helping to bring home all the Trophies for England.  If you wish to be considered for Belfast in November please keep your CV up to date and enter as many of the BMAF XC and Road Championships as possible as these will be taken into account when selecting the England Teams.  Mick Smedley will be in touch via the Newsletter with details of how to apply.

Paul Tasker will again be Inter Area T&F Team Manager.  It was most unfortunate that a clerical error resulted in us losing the Ladies Trophy to EVAC after scrutiny. I think this was the closest match since the start of the competition back in the 1990s – we shall of course be trying to rectify the situation in September, again at Solihull.  Some of the events may be changed which may be to our advantage.

The MMAC T&F Championships were, theoretically, a chance to choose our team but the weather towards to end of the day at Leicester thwarted efforts.  Well done to everyone, athletes and officials, who lasted the distance – we even managed some records in the most appalling conditions.  We are off to Nuneaton in June, prayers for sunshine please.

We are indebted to the Clubs and organisers who have offered their venues for our Championships this year.  Presently we are seeking a 2013 MMAC Cross Country venue, also somewhere to host the 2014 International XC.  If you think that your Club could be involved please let me or John Walker know.

Financially the Club has had a profitable year.  I have been involved with the preparation of the accounts this year and greatly appreciate the work that Colin has done over time.

However, we are conscious that increasing postage costs will inevitably mean that, if we keep to the present subscription rates and costs continue to rise, from 2013 a deficit situation will develop.  Also, BMAF will be seeking a 50p increase in their Levy to Clubs for similar reasons – this must be passed on to members. There has been no increase in subscriptions for 8 years

Your Committee therefore propose to increase MMAC subscriptions for 2013 to £12 for those who receive their Newsletters online and to £14 for those who receive a posted issue. 

This proposition will be put to the AGM at Donisthorpe Woodland Park for your consideration, please come and offer your views.

Once again my thanks go to the General Committee who have given unstintingly of their time to make sure that we present a full and varied programme and to the Officers who have made my job so much easier.

Rita Brownlie is completing her second term as President and I thank her for her friendship and support.

As we approach our 40th Anniversary I look forward to the celebrations being planned for the Autumn and wish you all a successful and injury free season, I hope to see you there.

Irene Nicholls – March 2012

Secretary’s Annual Report 2011

A printable PDF version from here … Annual Report Secretary 2011

My how the year goes by quickly? It seems such a short while ago since I was writing last year’s report. Hopefully I will be in time for this to be published well before our AGM as I promised in the 2010 report.

As always the bulk of my time is taken up in dealing with processing our membership subscriptions and dealing with emails on every subject to do with MMAC. Nowadays, physical correspondence i.e. post mail, is minimal because of the greater use of electronic email and members who do not use email/internet should perhaps understand why sometimes the emphasis is on this aspect. Email correspondence and use of the website/Facebook/Twitter, all have increased the communication with our members both ways. It is cheap and easy and does help to keep your subscriptions down. Nearly 79% of our current membership is on email and this is increasing as almost every new member has an email address.

Following on from this I found during the year that use of the e-Group was a failure with less than 200 members signing up in the previous 2 years. I was just not reaching the majority of membership with news and updates and this was frustrating for me. I made the decision therefore to cease using the e-Group and using the Leeds based Clubbz site instead. The difference was that I could add/remove members myself thus retaining more control and allowing me to reach everyone on email. As many of you experienced there were some teething problems and I am also still on a learning curve but the early feedback is good. Reminders of our 10 mile race and payment of subs resulted in an upsurge of traffic on the website with more members entering the 10 mile than have for years and dozens of early subs payment.

The contract for our website came up for renewal in April and it was decided not to extend it. Our webmaster was also deluged with other work and it was decided that we would use the MMAC Blog as our official website. This again was a big saving on our finances. Later we changed the site address slightly making it easier to both remember and type in your browsers. The address is www.midlandmasters.com

At the time of writing, so far in 2011 we have had 38,941 views with a record 5911 in June (after our T&F Championships) and we are averaging 111 views per day. Not all are members of course but it does represent an average of 47 views per member, in theory! If you break that down further, it is less than 1 view per week per member, so I KNOW we can do better. You can subscribe to receive an email when the website is updated on the home page, please give it a go. The Facebook Group has 88 members and we also have a dedicated Facebook Page. All updates on the website are posted on these pages, just Google “midland masters facebook”.

Towards the end of the year we introduced an option to pay the subscriptions by Standing Order. This has been received well with over 50 signing up in a few weeks.

I have continued issuing membership ‘cards’ to members on email, if anyone else requires one then please send me a s.a.e. and I’ll get one to you. Members paying by standing order will receive one the first year but not subsequent years.

Our 1st Claim membership remains fairly static with 92 members. Unfortunately, yet again, only a small percentage represented us in the Midland Veterans Track & Field League and we were unable to justify sending a team to the Cup Finals.

We promoted a very successful BMAF Cross Country Championships in March at fairly late notice and we thank both our friends at Birchfield Harriers and Birmingham City Council for their help and expertise.

In May we also organised the National Masters Open Road Relays, which were renamed just for one year as The Denis Withers National Masters Road Relays in honour of Denis and for all his work in previous years.

Because of local authority cut backs we will be affected financially when promoting these joint events and this is an area that your committee are looking carefully at. This also applies to our own championship events throughout the year; with the cost of medals increasing we inevitably will have to increase the entry fees to avoid making a loss.

We were able to re-introduce a 10 mile championship in December and the Sneyd Christmas Pudding run at Bloxwich, Walsall proved a popular choice with 53 of our members entering. It’s highly probable that we will return in 2012 as it neatly spreads out the Road/XC championships with the 10k in September; 10 mile in December; our XC in January and relays in April. These together with the track & field championships in June certainly mean a busy time for your committee.

Competitively, we were very successful across the disciplines in a range from local to world events. Results of these meetings have been well documented elsewhere, so I am not mentioning anyone individually but congratulations and well done to all who represented both MMAC and BMAF throughout the year.

We were all devastated and saddened by the loss of founder member and Treasurer, Colin Simpson, in July. Colin had been a stalwart and great supporter of veteran/masters athletics since our inception in 1972 when after winning the Nuneaton 10 mile race he became member number 1. With the remaining finishers taking their positions as their membership numbers, the Midland Veterans Athletic Club was born. We hope to mark the 40th anniversary of this happening in the autumn of 2012 with a social event.

Finally, I would like to thank the officers and committee for all their support during the year. Special thanks to Irene Nicholls; Margaret Simpson; Adrian Lloyd and Phil Owen for their help in various aspects of MMAC events. Thanks also to all our membership for their continued support. I am extremely grateful when I receive words of encouragement as well as constructive criticism from members. This feedback is always useful.

Tom Morris – 18th January 2012


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