Track & Field 2013

Midland Masters AC Track & Field Championships

Many thanks to all the competitors who turned out yesterday and supported our Championships. Some I know doubled up by competing in the Midland League as well as at Nuneaton and at least one ran in a morning road race. Thanks for your dedication and support. Results will be available very shortly but in the meantime please take a look at some excellent photos taken by Louis Satterthwaite …..



A pair of Brooks running shoes; white & yellow; size 9, was left at the stadium. Will the owner in the first instance contact Nick Wilson, the Stadium Manager on Nick.Wilson@nbleisuretrust.org (Image not necessarily the same shoe)Brooks Shoe


At this year’s T&F Championships there were 18 Championship Best Performances recorded including 2 for inaugural age categories. They were:-

Mens 800m - Carson Tweedie (117); Kevin Pye (148) and Russell Parkin (153) partially hidden.

Mens 800m – Carson Tweedie (117); Kevin Pye (148) and Russell Parkin (153) partially hidden.

80mH W50 Susan Frisby 14.0 & W55 Jane Horder 13.8

300mH W55 Jane Horder 50.1 & W60 Sally Hine 66.9

200m W75 Dorothy Fraser (Guest) 41.7

400m M80 Brian Ashwell 86.0 & W60 Nancy Hitchmough 76.8

800m M60 David Oxland 2-17.9 & M80 Brian Ashwell 3-12.1

1500m M60 David Oxland 4-43.6 & M80 Brian Ashwell 6-38.4

5000m M45 Gordon Lee 15-35.4; M80 Brian Ashwell 23-12.8 & W65 June Johnson 24-18.9

Shot   M50 Mark Middleton 13.48 & M70 John Watts (G) 10.83

Discus W40 Carol Ann Parker 35.09

Triple W50 Janice Pryce 9.27

Congratulations and well done to you all.

Results (version 3) now including the Championship Best Performances achieved can be downloaded from the following link………..

T&F 2013 Results V3

A full list of Championship Best Performances has been updated (as of 19/06/2013) and can be viewed/printed from the following link ………….

Midland Masters Championship Bests

Any amendments/corrections please let me know on mmac.sec@blueyonder.co.uk


running trackOur Track & Field Championships will again be held as last year at the Pingles Stadium, Nuneaton on Sunday the 9th June 2013.

Entries can now be made ONLINE at areg247.co.uk

Those of you who have already used the BMAF online system should just login and look for the MMAC T&F Championships. Those of you who are using the system for the first time need to register by following the instructions. REMEMBER to use your 5 digit membership number.

Entry form with full details can be downloaded from the following link …..MMAC T&F Champs 09 June 13 Entry Form V2

These championships are closed to MMAC members only and Guests from other regional masters clubs.

Please note that the Pentathlon; 10k walks and the 10k run for women will be held within the BMAF Championships on the 23rd June at Oxford. The Decathlon/Heptathlon will be at the same venue on the 27th/28th July and the men’s 10k run on the 28th July. You must enter the BMAF Champs by the online entry at www.bmaf.org.uk to be counted in the MMAC Championships.

A provisional timetable subject to change can be downloaded here …. Provisional Timetable V1

Follow the short link to see a map of the area around the stadium …. http://goo.gl/maps/IemZk

Google map, please click on “View Larger Map”


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