AGM 2017




Motions to be discussed at the AGM must be sent, in writing, to the Acting Secretary (Irene Nicholls)

irenenn@aol.com to arrive at least two weeks before the meeting.

Members are requested to consider promoting one of our fixtures and to come to the AGM prepared to offer their Club’s facilities for this purpose.


President: Martin Wilkinson

Chair: Irene Nicholls

Vice Chair: Rita Brownlie

Acting Honorary Secretary: Irene Nicholls

Honorary Treasurer: Martin Wilkinson

Membership Secretary: Graham Lamb

T & F Secretary: Vacant

Asst. “ “ “ Vacant

Road & CC Secretary: Vacant

Officials Secretary Jamie Liddington

Joint Walking Secretaries: Lynn & Julie Bellfield

Media Manager : Sue Kneill Boxley

President elect: t.b.a

Delegates 2016/17: MCAA R Brownlie; EAMA, EA & BMAF : Irene Nicholls (retiring)

Team Managers: Mick Smedley (International CC); Tony Porter (MV T.L ); Elaine Mee (Inter Areas);

Richard Brittain (First Claim R & CC)

Handicapper: Eric Horwill

Social Secretary: Adrian Lloyd

Minutes Secretary: Margaret Simpson

Newsletter Editor: Margaret Simpson

Assistant Newsletter Editor: Louis Satterthwaite

Co-opted: 2015/6 Eric Horwill; Marcia Smedley.

Any member who wishes to offer him/herself for any of the above posts is asked to notify the Acting

Honorary Secretary before the meeting. New blood will be welcomed by the present officers.


1. Apologies

2. Minutes of AGM 2016

3. Matters arising

4. Chairman’s report

5. Presentation of Accounts & Treasurer’s report

6. Secretary’s report

7. Election of officers for 2017/18

8. Fixtures for 2017/18

9. Date of next meeting

MINUTES of the  44th Annual General Meeting held at the National Forest Cycling Centre, Hicks Lodge, Willesley Wood Side.,,Moira,  Swadlincote on Sunday, 17 April 2016 at 1.00 pm.

PRESENT 15 members

APOLOGIES were received from Eric Horwill, Pam Horwill, Elaine Mee, Mick Smedley, Marcia Smedley.


The Minutes of the 43rd Annual General Meeting were approved unanimously – proposed Rita Brownlie, seconded Adrian Lloyd.


There were no matters arising.


Well, we have got through the year on a wing and a prayer.  Our operating committee has been greatly diminished and presently we are without a Road  & Cross Country Secretary, a Track & Field Secretary, a General Secretary and a Membership Secretary.  Not very helpful when we are trying to put on a rage of events for our members.

Thanks to Phil Owen (not officially a member of the Committee) Martin Wilkinson, Adrian Lloyd and members of the various promoting clubs we have managed to slide through.  However, this is not the way that MMAC expects operate – we want to be at the forefront of organisation using the vast knowledge and expertise that I know is available within the ranks of our 700 odd members.

The Committee age profile is very high with  a number of members over 70 or 80 and it is unfair to expect them to continue to support and administer events and till the gaps.  Something will have to go and I am sorry to say that it will be some of our traditional events that will suffer.

To Pam and Eric Horwill (retired through ill health), Margaret Simpson (86) and of course my own Edgar (91) who have manned the barricades in all weathers I say from the bottom of my heart, we could not have managed without you.

A big thank you to our General Committee Officers and the vast band of workers behind the scenes, to the Officials, co-opted members and competition providers, without whom we could not put on the expected events and to Martin Wilkinson who, in addition to his demanding role as Treasurer, has been a very supportive and active President.

Wishing you all a healthy and successful season, I hope to come to most events and will look forward to meeting you.


The Treasurer ,Martin Wilkinson, reported on the accounts for 2015. The accounts show that we are ‘in the black’ with a modest surplus.  Subscription income was similar to the previous year and competition income showed a modest increase.  ~The main difference in expenditure in 2015 was as a result of the loss of subsidy from Birmingham City Council supporting the BMAF relays for the use of Sutton Park (facilities).  A  profit from the event was still made  largely as a result of a large donation from the Burger Van!

Newsletter costs continue to fall as a result of the £2 off subscriptions for online newsletters. Profit from competitions and events overall has fallen with a net loss most events during 2015.  We hav e approximately 30 members who continue to pay by standing order.  They have all been notified in previous years to cancel standing orders as many are now out of date and therefore for the wrong amount.  I have written to all members again who pay y standing order asking them to cancel for

future years.  The additional workload chasing small amounts of money owed to the club is substantial.  The President’s chain was valued during the year for insurance purposes at £3000.  We have therefore taken out appropriate worldwide insurance.

There are significant reserves in the club in the order of £20k.  This is larger than required to cover ay risks.  I would recommend we use the reserves to prevent a rise in subscriptions in 2016.

A review of entry fees for competitions would appear sensible although not critical in view of the reserves.

A new system (Stripe) is being put in place by BMAF, replacing Paypal.

I thank the committee for their support during 2015.

Balances noted:                      2015                            2014

Current assets                     24,673                          25,860

Fixed assets                          4360                            2376

Competitions    Surplus           124                              762

& events

The Chairman thanked the Treasurer for his report and this was endorsed by all present.


Irene Nicholls had covered most points in her Chairman’s report.  She had found that it was almost a full time job to keep track of everything.  There had been an increase in the number of younger male members and also femaile.  Sue Kneill Boxley and Martin Wilkinson had kept the website going.

Adrian Lloyd proposed a vote of thanks to Irene for the huge amount of work she was doing and this was endorsed by all present.


Jamie Liddington reported a poor response from officials.  He had sent out 40 Christmas cards requesting support at events and had received six replies.  Brian Owen suggested that he contact Louise at the MC office.


The outgoing President, Martin Wilkinson, had decided that the President’s Trophy should be awarded to Ann Grey. As she was not present it would be sent to her.
Irene Nicholls presented a memento to Martin Wilkinson.  As he had agreed to serve a second year  she then presented the chain of office to him.

Martin took the Chair for the election of Chairman.  As there were no other nominations it was agreed, unanimously, that Irene Nicholls should be Chairman.

IN then took the Chair for the election of officers:

The following were unanimously elected en bloc

Vice Chair                   Rita Brownlie                      Handicapper  Eric Horwill/Geo. Smolenski

Hon. Treasurer            Martin Wilkinson                Social Sec.           Adrian Lloyd

Secretary (Acting)      Irene Nicholls                     Minutes Secretary Margaret Simpson

Membership Sec.       Graham Lamb                    Walking Secretaries  Lyn & Julie Bellfield

T&F Secretary                        Vacant                     Media Manager   Sue Kneill Boxley

Asst. “  “                       Jamie Liddington               N/L Editor             Margaret Simpson

Officials “”                   Jamie  Liddington             Asst. “    “        Lou Satterthwaite

President(s) Elect       Lynn & Julie Bellfield

Delegates:  MCAA Rita Brownlie  EAMA  EA  & BMAF Brian Owen

Team Managers   Mick Smedley (Int.); Elaine Mee (Int. Area) Richard Brittain (First Claim R & CC)

Co-opted:        Marcia Smedley;

DATE OF NEXT MEETING In conjunction with the 2017 MM Relays, date to be agreed.

A printable PDF version of the minutes is here MMAC Minutes AGM 2016




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