AGM 2015

MINUTES of the 43rd Annual General Meeting held at YHA National Forest Centre, Swadlincote on Sunday 26th April 2015 at 1.00 pm.

PRESENT 17 members

APOLOGIES Apologies were received from Eric Horwill; Pam Horwill; David Oxland; Tom Morris; Lou Satterthwaite.


The Minutes of the 42nd Annual General Meeting were approved unanimously – proposed: Tony Porter, seconded: Adrian Lloyd.


There were no matters arising.


The Chairman circulated her report and this will be reproduced in the next newsletter. She began by paying tribute to the work done by Tom Morris, who has resigned as General and Membership Secretary due to his relocation to Cornwall. He had filled in as posts became vacant, represented MMAC at BMAF meetings, been instrumental in the development of the online registration and subscription system as well as helping, with his partner Bernie, at numerous MMAC promotions. He will be truly missed.

The post of General and Membership Secretary remains vacant, but some of the work that Tom did has been shared to ease the load, and Irene is presently keeping things “ticking over”   Every effort will be made to recruit a willing successor.

The Club lost, in 2014, John Walker a great supporter of MMAC. His funeral was memorable with the athletic community attending in club running gear.

Athletes were prominent in national and international competitions and are to be congratulated. Members should contact Elaine Mee if they would be interested in taking part in the outdoor inter-area to be held at Solihull in July.

She closed with thanks to the General Committee Officers and the vast band of workers behind the scenes, officials, co-opted members and competition providers.


The Treasurer reported on the accounts for 2014. There was a surplus of just over £1k compared with a loss of £2k in the previous two years. Subscription and event income has increased by 4% and 43% respectively. The census of members has been moved to 30 April for the purpose of payment of affiliation fees, which has led to a reduction of 10%

Officers have been more active to encourage committee members to claim expenses for committee work, including event organisation. We continue to make a small contribution for the annual MMAC committee Xmas meal to thank them for their work over the previous year.

Equipment bought this year includes a new PA system, marshal jackets, a pop-up banner and correct signage for the AGM relays.

Newsletter costs have decreased by 8% compared to the previous year due to more take up of online access.

Facilities related to hire of grounds, stadium etc for events has seen a reduction of approx one third. A major influence is the subsidy and charge made by Birmingham City Council for the hire and event organisation of the BMAF relays in Sutton Park. The event made a larger profit than usual due to the greater number of competitors compared to 2013. Unfortunately not available for the current year.

Despite encouraging athletes to claim expenses for national and international competition there has been a reduction of 25%. Current funds allow up to £50 for national and £70 for international events.

Paypal costs represent a 2.8% levy on online subscriptions and event fees. Paypal was introduced in the middle of 2013. AREG fees for its first year appear in the accounts for the first time and amount to a levy of £1 per subscription (plus 2.8% Paypal) Net income from competitions increased compared to 2013. BMAF relays in Sutton Park brought in £2000.

The AGM relay includes the cost of the AGM itself. Other events are run to break even. The number of entrants will determine the profit or loss so as a club we underwrite the event.

Annual Surplus £1,321   Total Funds: £25,860 (£20,416 – 2013).

The Chairman thanked Martin for his excellent accounts which were accepted and agreed unanimously – proposed Phil Owen, seconded: Geoff Oliver.


In his report published in the last Newsletter Tom acknowledged that 2014 had been another successful year. The AREG system had continued to work well, but 90% of his time had been spent in answering queries from members, which, he felt, could have been answered by themselves.

The website had received views from all over the world and the top five pages viewed in 2014 were: T&F; Current newsletter; Cross Country; How to Join and MMAC relays. Surprisingly, ‘Membership’ and ‘Membership Renewals’ fell well down the site. There was an increase of 81% in the Facebook Group on 2013.

Championship events were again promoted and all proved to be successful from financial and competitors points of view. The AGM and relays were held at Donisthorpe Park for the third year with a slightly improved entry, sustaining a small loss and the 2015 meeting will be held at a less expensive venue. The handicap held in conjunction with the Centurion Grand Prix could do with more support and poses the question as to whether handicap events are wanted by the membership.

The National Masters Open Road Relay in Sutton Park, held with an amended format, resulted in a small monetary surplus, due to more entries.

Competitively, the club had been very successful across all the disciplines from local to world events. As results had been well documented congratulations were extended to all who represented MMAC and BMAF. He recorded that for the second year running, MMAC had supplied the European Female Master Athlete – the award for 2014 going to Irie Hill who succeeded Angela Copson as the 2013 winner

Thanks were extended to the officers and committee for all their support during the year. Special thanks to Irene Nicholls and Martin Wilkinson. Thanks to all active membership for their support and feedback.

It was agreed by all present that in appreciation of his outstanding work as Secretary, a presentation of a memento and voucher should be made to Tom.


Tony Porter reported that the Track & Field League was continuing as before. The main problem was the difficulty in supplying officials. IN remarked that if MMAC members were present to officiate they were usually credited as working for their own Open clubs.

The post of CC and Road Secretary remains vacant.

Lynn & Julie Bellfield reported that two MMAC Walking members had competed in Poland.


In the absence of the outgoing President, David Oxland, the Chairman presented the Chain of Office to the incoming Chairman Martin Wilkinson. DO had apologised for not being present as he was unwell. At the next committee meeting a presentation will be made to David. David had nominated Rosemary Chrimes to receive his President’s Award for 2014. Unfortunately not able to attend this meeting she hopes to be at the T & F Championships at Nuneaton to receive her memento.

Martin then took the Chair for the election of Chairman. There being no further nominations, it was agreed, unanimously, that Irene Nicholls, should be Chairman.

IN then took the chair for the remainder of the election:


Vice-Chair                     Rita Brownlie:;

Hon. Secretary              vacant

Hon. Treasurer: Martin Wilkinson,

Hon. Secretary             vacant

Proposed: Tony Porter  seconded: Mick Smedley. Agreed unanminously

Management Committee:

Membership Secretary              vacant  (I.N acting)

T&F Secretary                           Tony Porter                   Assistant T&F   Jon Hutchinson (tbc)

Road & CC Secretary                vacant                          Asst. R & CC Sec. vacant

Officials Secretary                    Jamie Liddington

Walking Secretaries                   Julie & Lynn Bellfield

Media Manager                         Brian Owen

Proposed: Mick Smedley   Seconded: Rita Brownlie Agreed unanimously

Delegates:                                MCAA R Brownlie, EAMA, EA and BMAF I Nicholls (retiring)

Team Managers:                    Mick Smedley IInt). Tony Porter (MVL) Elaine Mee (Int. Area)

Richard Brittain (First Claim R & CC) (tbc)

Co-opted:                               Margaret Simpson (NL & Minutes Sec.) Lou Satterthwaite (NL)

Marcia Smedley, Eric Horwll (H/Cap) Collin Green (T&F Champs)

A Lloyd (Social Sec.), Sue Kneill-Boxley (Website)

DATE OF NEXT MEETING    In conjunction with the 2016 MM Relays, date to be agreed.

A printable PDF version of the minutes is here MMACAGM 2015 Minutes

Officers 2013/2014
President Marcia Smedley
Chair Irene Nicholls
Vice Chair Rita Brownlie
Honorary Secretary Tom Morris
Honorary Treasurer Martin Wilkinson
Management 2013/2014
Membership Secretary Tom Morris
Track & Field Secretary Tony Porter
Assistant Track & Field Secretary Vacant
Road & Cross Country Secretary John Walker
Assistant Road & Cross Country Secretary Vacant
Officials Secretary Vacant
Race Walking Secretary Eric Horwill
Media Manager Brian Owen
President Elect David Oxland
Delegates 2013/2014
Midland Counties Athletic Association Rita Brownlie
England Athletics Masters Association Irene Nicholls; Tom Morris
England Athletics Irene Nicholls
British Masters Athletic Federation Irene Nicholls
Co-opted Positions 2013/2014
Handicapper Eric Horwill
Social Secretary Adrian Lloyd
Minutes Secretary Margaret Simpson
Newsletter Editor Margaret Simpson
Assistant Newsletter Editor Louis Satterthwaite
Team Manager Midland Veterans T&F League Tony Porter
Team Manager Inter-Area T&F Elaine Mee
Assistant Team Manager Inter-Area T&F Tony Porter
Team Manager International Cross Country Mick Smedley
Co-options 2013/2014 Pam Horwill; Collin Green

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