5 Mile Handicap Results 2011

The annual February Road Running Handicap took place on the 6th February 2011 at Chelmsley Wood, Solihull. The race  was combined with the monthly Centurion Grand Prix Series. There were only 15 of our members who registered for the handicap although there were several members running in the GP race, some claiming they didn’t know about our handicap. This was despite Newsletter articles, posts on this Blog as well as the Yahoo e-Group and mentions on the Twitter feed and Facebook Group. Suggestions on how we can improve participation will be gratefully received.

The prizes were presented by our President, Margaret Simpson to the winners who no doubt enjoyed their drop of wine.

Fastest Man in Handicap #66 Michael Morley, Birchfield Harriers

Results appear below and a downloadable PDF version from this link… MMACFEBHandicap2011Results 3

Name Club H/Cap Race Race Time H’cap H’cap
Posn. time posn
ROY HUMPHERSON RSC 26.00 52 35.54 9.54 1
JOHN KEEGAN MMAC 21.30 48 35.41 14.11 2
ANGELA COPSON MMAC 19.30 38 34.05 14.35 3 1st Lady
CLIVE SAYER RSC 20.30 47 35.37 15.07 4
MICHAEL ELWELL COBRA RC 24.00 84 39.50 15.50 5
BRIAN DAWSON BIRCHFIELD 28.00 126 48.51 20.51 6
ANDY MONEY CENTURION 10.00 15 30.54 20.54 7


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