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One 1st Claim Entry Available for London Marathon

MMAC has one First Claim entry available to the VLM.  
 If you wish to apply for this place you should return your rejection slip to irenenn@aol.com soon as possible please.  Other Members should be able to apply through their first claim club.
Application criteria:
1. The member applying must be a 1st   Claim Member
2. Membership must have started 12 months prior to the marathon date.
3. Priority is given to members who have not received an entry before.
4. Evidence of ‘rejection’ must be supplied
If there is more than one applicant the slips will go into a draw.
In the event of not getting enough applicants then 2 & 3 may be waived.
Entries via the VLM Ballot will hear if they are successful early in October.  If you are a 1st Claim Member to MMAC and wish to apply for a Club place then please send evidence of your rejection to the Club Secretary at irenenn@aol.com


About suekb2015

I am a middle distance runner, specialising in 800m, and team manager for Cannock & Stafford AC women's masters team.


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