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London Marathon

The best of luck to all who I running the London Marathon. Remember those at Boston and make every stride count. Have a great time and enjoy the day.

London Marathon Club Entries

Latest News

The Virgin London Marathon Club Entries have now been applied for and all our member’s applications for a place are in. I have received 11 applications, which were all allocated a number as they were received. Our President had this list of numbers and has arranged to draw them out in a particular order. He did not know names. As soon as I know how many entries we get then I can announce the lucky participants, this should be within the next 7 – 10 days.

Tom Morris – Secretary

Virgin London Marathon 2012

The logo of the Virgin London Marathon. Virgin...

Virgin London Marathon 2012
Club entries have been applied for.
Members who have applied for a marathon place will hear if they have been successful or not during early October. Those of you, who are unlucky to get a place in the normal way, can apply for a Club place with evidence of your “rejection” to me on or before the 30th October 2011. If I have more “rejections” than entries, I will arrange for an independent draw to choose the places as soon as I can after then.
To qualify for a Club place your membership should have started before 22nd April 2011 and priority will be given to members who haven’t previously had a Club place.
Evidence of “rejection” must be sent to me, preferably by email (scanned copies) or through the post. Click “Contact” on main page.
Tom Morris – Secretary   mmac.sec@blueyonder.co.uk

Virgin London Marathon 2011

The logo of the Virgin London Marathon. Virgin...

London Marathon

Virgin London Marathon 2011

With only a week to go all the hard work should have been put in, so an easy week ahead!

Can I wish all the members who were successful in gaining a Club place this year the very best of luck for the big day. I hope all goes well with no problems and hope you all have a stress free pre-race week. In addition to the 5 members who were lucky for a Club place after being rejected, I’m sure we will have many who will be representing their UKA Clubs. If you let me know I will endeavor to  recognize you on the results page http://bit.ly/faVmQO

Our 5 members are: –

  • M3309   Trevor Allport
  • M3434    John Keegan
  • M3449    Nicholas Blackham
  • W0496    Lesley Keighley
  • M3396     Simon McNamee

I’ll be busy at our relays and AGM but will record the marathon to watch later. I shall be looking closely for the MMAC Club Vests, white with the vertical red stripe. Run well and achieve your goals.

London Mini Marathon 2011



(Incorporating UKA Age Group Road Race Championships)


(Under UKA Rules)

(Licence applied for)

Saturday 12th March 2011

First race 11.00am

Stourport Cycleway,

Kingsway, Stourport,


DY13 8BQ

The races will be open to all West Midlands qualified athletes under UKA Rules.

Entry will be free and accepted on the day.

Timetable: – All races will be over 3 miles on traffic free roads.

11.00am Under 13 Girls             11.30am          Under 13 Boys

12.00noon   Under 15 Girls             12.30pm          Under 15 Boys

1.00pm        Under 17 Women           1.30pm          Under 17 Men

Date of the London Mini Marathon – Sunday 17th April 2011

The first five finishers in each race will be automatically selected as the ‘Team’ the next four will be non-travelling reserves.  There will be one place in each team left for Team Management selection.  That athlete will be advised nearer to the date of the London Mini Marathon itself.

Team Manager Rebecca FREEMAN.  Emails to Becky to show intention to compete would be appreciated please, specifying age group.

For full details please contact: – Rebecca Freeman

Telephone:  07834 087834.           Email: westmidsminimarathon@hotmail.co.uk

MMAC VLM Club Entries

The succesfull applicants for the London Marathon Club entries have now been announced. Please go to http://wp.me/PDLtv-bY for details.

London Mini Marathon 2011

Yesterday I circulated details for the West Midlands trial for the London Mini Marathon.
Unfortunately the Region Council was unaware that the date (20th November) clashed with a Schools Inter County being held in Shropshire.
We therefore have to postpone the trials.  We will work to find another hopefully more convenient date and will circulate that as soon as possible.
In the meantime please accept mine and the Councils apologise for any inconvenience caused.
Thanks and best wishes.
Stewart Barnes
England Athletics
West Midlands



I know we are a masters club for the over 35’s but I’m sure many of you will have sons & daughters who are also runners. They may be interested in the EA West Midland Region London Mini Marathon Trials to be held at the Stourport Cycleway, Kingsway, Stourport DY13 8BQ on Saturday, 20th November 2010, first race at 11.00 am. Entries are free and accepted on the day. For full details please contact: – Rebecca Freeman Telephone 0121 745 9948  Email westmidsminimarathon@hotmail.co.uk

A flyer with details can be downloaded here… VLM Mini Marathon Flyer – Trials – 2011

WMA Stadia Championships – London Bid 2015

Dear Fellow Athlete [I live in hope, but I do now have an EA Competition Licence]

I have just submitted the paperwork to WMA for a prospective bid for the WMA Stadia Championships of 2015 in LONDON.

After my DREAM and efforts to bring the WMA Stadia Championships to London in 2011, in the proposed new London Olympic Stadium as a precursor to the Olympics, turned into a nightmare and failure, I withdrew to re-energise. I kept returning to the Third Way, this can work, we can make it work.

So, over the last couple of years, following Championships in one horse towns in the back end of beyond, with farcical [I am being kind] officiating, a few of us have continued to pursue the DREAM.

We have now elicited the approval of our exuberant Mayor of London and UK Athletics to support the BID, which gets us to the alleged Start Line. Ken Livingstone has also added his support today.

In reality, all that has happened, hopefully, is like you have all done, is filled in the Entry Form. In doing so, as I have done over more years than I would care to admit to, is that I assume I will find the time to do the training and go through the Call Room [you know that funny thing that some people still think is stupid] thinking I can win this – DREAM PART 2.

We [and not the Royal this time] now have 10 months to prove we are the best thing since sliced bread – which we know we are – you an’ me Bruv.

The downside is there are a couple of hurdles on the way, but our record in hurdles in previous Championships, shows we are simply the best, and we will overcome, with faith and the other two.

The hurdles are – UKA have to lose the vote for the IAAF World Athletics Championships in 2015 – sorry Ed and Cherry, I am not trying to put the mockers on things, just stating the fact – and the Stadium track and associated facilities are retained after the Olympics by the selected operating company.

We also have the small question of finding a few £100k’s from funding and sponsorship, which is where you come in [remember Teamwork in action].

A small team will be assembled to set out the parameters for Phase 1 of Project London Foremost 2015. Should we negotiate the hurdles, we need to hit the ground running [sorry throwers, it is just an expression, not a fact] in December/January when Phase 2 – funding and sponsorship becomes the priority. Strangely enough, the organisational side of the actual competitions appears to be the relatively easy bit – is it because we have seen how not to do it to many times for it to cause any fears, or is it that males are so crap at multi-tasking my brain will not let me get past the Presentation in Sacramento – so probably the latter.

So let’s get down to the nitty gritty – YOUR BIT.

Team Management are not going to be able to all of this on our own, not only are there not enough hours in the day, but we do not have all the expertise. So what we are looking for, is your speciality – be it legal, financial, linguistics or are you a web site designer, bona Blogger, Facebook fanatic or Twitter[ing] twit. A few hours of your input, from your home via e-mail etc., will make a difference. Like the relays without the fourth you cannot finish, so the 100th expert could be the difference between Winning and a DNF.

Sponsorship will be obtained if we can present OURSELVES as something worth selling – could it be numbers. Can we get thousands and thousands of Friends [Masters Athletes] on Facebook from around the World? A London Foremost 2015 Blog that people want to read, that they fully hook into and ultimately persuades them that London in 2015 will be the MUST place to be. Dialogue and the numbers will matter.

I need you to tell me. I am just a single tasking grumpy old man, prone to the odd rant, so humour me. What ideas or skills do you have, come back to me – between us we can make this work.

We need London to do for Masters Athletics, what Los Angeles did for the Olympics – MAKE IT SALEABLE – we must put Ageism to the sword, once and for all.

No more One Horse towns, in the back end of beyond – we have had our full of those – that is all you have to lose, not so hard a choice then. So volunteer your ideas and a little bit of your time.

Great Britain at the head of the Medal Table cannot happen without you, in more ways than one. The ULTIMATE DREAM – being chucked in the Water Jump Pit because we succeeded – bring it on.

Maurice Doogan


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