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Results of Colin Simpson Memorial Handicap 2015

Colin Simpson Memorial 5 Mile Handicap 2015

The Colin Simpson Memorial Handicap 2015


There are now only a few days left to get your entries in for the MMAC Annual Handicap over 5 miles. To date (20/01/2015) with just over 3 days to go we have only 15 entries from over 700 members. We do need your support if this event is to continue. This annual handicap used to be one of the most popular events that the club put on and we now commemorate our Treasurer of 40 years, Colin Simpson in the title of the event. It’s intended to be a fun competition and a change from the usual road championship events we usually organise. The ‘handicapper’ works hard to give fair handicaps and spends a lot of time on his calculations. Hence our strict closing date, which this year is 23rd January.

We do need your support … ENTER NOW

Full details are on this website at http://tinyurl.com/6thbsz7

The Colin Simpson Memorial Handicap

MMAC Annual 5 Mile Handicap

blue-running-icon-mdThis is being held, as in the previous few years, within the Centurion Grand Prix Series, held at the John Henry Newman Catholic College, Chelmsley Road, Chelmsley Wood, Birmingham B37 5GA on Sunday, 2nd March 2014. Start 11.00am

Members who already have entered the GP Series only have to pay MMAC £3.00 for the handicap but they will have to pay the full £8.00 for entry to the Open race. We will then refund the £5.00. Please inform me beforehand so that I can arrange the refund. Email mmac.sec@blueyonder.co.uk

Further details at http://tinyurl.com/6thbsz7

Entries are online only at http://areg247.co.uk

Closing date for MMAC entries is strictly the 22nd February 2014. There are no MMAC entries taken on the day because of the handicap calculations.

If you have not used AREG before and require your login details then please contact mmac.sec@blueyonder.co.uk

Your details will be emailed to you.

In previous years we have had members running who have not registered for the handicap. Let us make this a good fun; enjoyable and sociable event. Please support us.



runbritain has today announced the launch of its revolutionary new handicap scoring system designed to give road runners of all abilities the ability to benchmark their progress and compare their results across a range of distances and terrains.

The scoring system, which has been developed in conjunction with the team behind the McCain Power of 10 website, enables runners to claim a ranking score based on any single performance at 5k, 10k, half marathon and marathon distances, and allow them to make comparisons against fellow runners of varying degrees of ability. It also offers guidance and support on future racing selections and opportunities to improve current runbritain handicap scores.

Visit the runbritain website at http://www.runbritain.com/home/ for more information and to claim your handicap ranking and you will be provided with a bespoke personal running biog page on www.runbritain.com featuring:

·       current rankings at each distance

·       personal progress graph

·       direct comparisons with other runners with a ?head-to-head? function

·       handicap score updated automatically after each run

·       target times to bring score down by 1.0 handicap points

·       and much much more!

Road Relays Results

Anyone wanting to look at the results from the relays that took place yesterday should click on the “Road Relay/AGM” page where there is a link to download them.

The results of the walks handicap can also be downloaded.


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