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Important Message To MMAC Members

1st Claim Members – IMPORTANT READING

An important change to how England Athletics handles the registration scheme comes into place on the 1st April 2011. This will affect ALL our members but particularly our 1st Claim Members who we register. Plastic Competition Licences (registration cards) will no longer be sent out to athletes thus saving a considerable amount in production and postal costs. They will be replaced with an E-Card from April 2011. This will keep the annual fees down to a minimum to cover insurance and welfare. Each athlete registered will receive a welcome email and their Unique Registration Number (URN) immediately upon receipt and processing of the Registration fee, which will enable them to print an E-Card from their computer. Any 1st Claim Members who do not have access to a computer or do not have an email address should consider carefully if they have a friend or relative who could receive the email for you. I would not use this email address for anything else. Otherwise, I as Club Secretary, will act on your behalf and provide you with the URN (as I do now) and the E-Card. This new system should make it easier for members to log onto their portal to manage their own data thus reducing my work! Having a valid email address will allow athletes to retrieve lost E-Cards and URNs at no extra cost or additional work by me!

The success of this scheme will depend on having a valid/active email address. It is imperative that email addresses are updated if there is a change either by the individual on their portal OR by informing me. The email address will become a mandatory field on the EA database from April 2011 so I would appreciate that 1st Claim Members who currently do not have an email address but who have kind friends could let me know.

Tom Morris – Membership Secretary


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