RESULTS (various)

BMAF Cross Country Relays, Derby, 23rd November 2013

Results can be downloaded from this link ….. Results BMAF XC Relays 2013


BMAF Indoor Championships 2013, Lee Valley, 9th/10th March

Results from Midland Masters AC members in the above championships are reproduced below and a printable PDF version can be downloaded from this link … BMAF Indoor 2013 MMAC ResultsV1
Held at Lee Valley Athletics Centre – March 9th/10th 2013
60 metres 3000 metres
Martin White M40 7.57  H1 Robert Fox M50 10-02.83  4th
Jim Tipper M40 7.29  2nd David Bedwell M55 10-20.82  3rd
Mark Lawrence M40 7.46  H2 Michael Hager M60 9-57.78    1st
Martin Weetman M50 7.88  H1 Mick Smedley M65 12-36.74  3rd
John Statham M50 7.81  3rd Stephanie Spencer W40 11-11.90  1st
Philip Clayton M55 8.25  FA Karen Brooks W50 11-18.23  1st
Dominic Browne M55 8.33  FB Susie Tawney W50 11-34.22  3rd
Tony Foster M55 8.49  FB Angela Copson W65 11-52.82  wr
Christopher Monk M60 8.24    FB 3000m Walk
Rashpal Singh M60 9.27    FB Eric Horwell M80 22-22.81  1st
Lawrie Dunn M65 9.06    3rd Ann Wheeler W55 17-43.53  1st
Geoff Hudson M70 10.40  6th 60m Hurdles
John Evans M75 10.40  5th Gary Myles M50 9.12    4th
George Cheetham M80 10.08  1st Lesley Willis W50 11.54  2nd
Ellena Ruddock W35 7.78    1st Jane Horder W55 10.29  1st
Katy Williams W40 9.07    FB Jean Fail W60 10.98  1st
Louise Oliver W40 8.38    FA Sally Hine W60 11.90  3rd
Christine Taylor W45 8.76    FA High Jump
Lesley Willis W50 9.13    FB Tony Crocker M75 1m 30  1st
Sally Hine W60 9.90    3rd Pole Vault
200metres Gavin Showell M40 4m00  1st
Robert North M35 24.41  H1 Bruce Hendrie M60 2m20  1st
Paul North M35 25.11  H1 John Bradley M65 2m70  1st
Jim Tipper M40 23.57  1st Long Jump
Brian Darby M40 23.83  2nd Mark Lawrence M40 6m09  2nd
Martin White M40 24.75  3rd Chris Ashmore M50 4m96  4th
John Statham M50 25.99  4th Rashpal Singh M60 4m36  1st
Chris Ashmore M50 26.75  H1 Lawrie Dunn M65 4m20  1st
Bruce Hendrie M60 30.32  FB Tony Crocker M75 3m81  1st
George Cheetham M80 36.34  1st John Evans M75 3m50  3rd
Ellena Ruddock W35 25.25  1st Tom Clowry M80 1m74  2nd
Louise Oliver W40 27.92  2nd Louise Oliver W40 4m80  1st
Katy Williams W40 30.66  4th Janice Pryce W50 4m25  3rd
400 metres Lesley Willis W50 3m98  5th
Brian Darby M40 51.97  1st Julie Wakelam W50 3m74  6th
Kevin Pye M50 59.82  H3 Jean Fail W60 3m91  1st
Tony Foster M55 61.83  FB Sally Hine W60 3m04  4th
Bruce Hendrie M60 67.87  5th Triple Jump
Terry Faulkner M70 75.13  2nd Albert Earle M55 11m26  2nd
Geoff Hudson M70 91.98  5th Kristian Lundby M65 9m39    1st
Christine Taylor W45 69.1    3rd John Evans M75 7m41    2nd
Angela Copson W65 77.1     br Janice Pryce W50 9m97    1st
Julie Wakelam W50 7m54    5th
Jean Fail W60 8m03    1st
800 metres Shot Putt
Kevin Pye M50 2-22.16  4th Will Suart M40 12m48  3rd
David Oxland M60 2-21.25  2nd Mark Middleton M50 13m09  2nd
William Scott M65 3-09.90  3rd Barry Hawksworth M65 10m76  1st
Karen Brooks W50 2-43.39  1st Richard Jegou M65 9m20    4th
Nancy Hitchmough W60 2-41.16  1st John Love M70 7m88    8th
1500 metres Carol Parker W40 12m05  1st
David Bedwell M55 4-41.01  3rd Louise Oliver W40 9m77    3rd
David Oxland M60 4-35.52  wr Lesley Willis W50 8m08    4th
Mike Hager M60 4-37.04  3rd Sally Hine W60 6m24    3rd
Mick Smedley M65 5-42.24  3rd Weight
William Scott M65 6-31.69  5th Graham Middleton M50 13m04  4th
Stephanie Spencer W40 5-15.84  2nd Clive Howell M55 12m05  3rd
Karen Brooks W50 5-22.16  1st Barry Hawksworth M65 14m25  1st
Susie Tawney W50 5-22.58 Richard Jegou M65 10m12  5th
Nancy Hitchmough W60 5-24.49  1st Discus
Angela Copson W65 5-39.96  wr Mark Middleton M50 36m79  4th
Graham Middleton M50 33m75  5th
Barry Hawksworth M65 40m72  1st
H = Heat Julie Wakelam W50 22m95  2nd
F = Final Hammer
br = British Record Graham Middleton M50 37m96  5th
wr = World Record Clive Howell M55 34m02  3rd
Barry Hawksworth M65 45m04  1st
Richard Jegou M65 29m04  5th
John Love M70 21m84  4th
Julie Wakelam W50 27m06  4th
Barry Hawksworth M65 35m05  1st
Julie Wakelam W50 22m69  1st


British & Irish Masters International Cross Country

10th November 2012 held in Belfast

Midland Masters Results

Congratulations to all the members below who competed for England in the recent Masters International Cross Country.

Position Time Category RaceNo Name
LADIES, M65, M70 (6K)
1 00:21:21 W35 3518 CLARE MARTIN
12 00:22:39 W35 3519 LISA PALMER
18 00:23:09 W40 4018 KATE RAMSEY
20 00:23:19 W40 4020 LUCY WALMSLEY
13 00:22:40 W45 4520 JANE WASSELL
22 00:23:29 W50 5020 MONICA WILLIAMSON
80 00:25:46 W50 5019 JILL BURKE
81 00:25:47 W65 6517 ANGELA COPSON
119 00:27:27 W65 6518 DOT FELLOIWS
33 00:23:59 M65 6537 MARTIN FORD
101 00:26:29 M70 7020 ROGER WILSON
MEN M50 – M64 (8K)
24 00:28:53 M50 5050 ANDY WILTON
18 00:28:34 M55 5540 GREGORY WILSON
32 00:29:45 M55 5538 STEVE ROBINSON
21 00:28:47 M60 6037 MIKE HAGER
41 00:30:36 M60 6040 DAVID OXLAND
MEN M35 – M49 (8K)
18 00:27:56 M35 3547 ORLANDO COREA
19 00:27:56 M35 3545 MICHAEL ALDRIDGE
23 00:28:03 M35 3549 STUART NELSON


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